Monday, June 24, 2013

Sewing for the children....

Hello all my friends!  It's been a while since I posted anything, but I've been extremely busy.  Our remodel project will be complete in about 2 more weeks.  Ahhhhhhhhh!  We are waiting for the electricians' to come and finish all the electrical work.  Then the tile guy will come back and tile the shower - the floors are already done.  Then our vanity needs to be installed and the plumber will come and get all the plumbing up and running.  THAT'S ALL!  We've made good progress over this past week.  We have finally been able to move into our bedroom and I'm so excited about that.  All we need to do in there is find a comforter set and hang some paintings.
In the meantime......I've been the busiest sewer ever.  I've made each of the twins a dress and a matching dress for the dolls we bought them.  I also made each a short set.  Their older half sister is having a birthday in July, so I made her a capri set and a dress.  So here are some pictures of what I have made.  Hope you enjoy. 
We are leaving to go and visit the children in just about a week and so the birthday gifts will all be taken with us.  Late for the twins and early for Nya, but that's the way it goes some times.
Here are the clothes......

Brielle's dress with matching doll dress.

Nya's Capri set

Josslyn's dress and matching doll dress

Nya's sun dress

One short set

The other short set.
Thanks for taking the time to view my blog.  I so appreciate your taking the time out of your busy schedule to visit and leave a comment.
Have a very blessed week,


  1. OMG! these are just gorgeous Barb! All of them, but I have a coup de coeur for the little short with stawberries. So so cute!!! Hugs.

  2. Barb, you never cease to amaze me!!! You have been a sewing fool!!! LOL!! Love all the darling outfits!! Awesome color choices!! And how cute are the matching doll clothes! I used to do that for my daughter when she was little, mostly because my Mom had done it for four of us girls, we'd wake up in the morning, and there would be new doll clothes at the foot of our beds for our dolls! So I always made Jenny an outfit and one for her doll and put it on her bed while she was sleeping! Thanks for bringing up such a neat memory! Of course my Mom now says it may have taken her a month to get those dolls clothes done, she did it after all of us kids went to bed!! Special memories!! And so happy you will soon be construction free! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  3. these are just the sweetest summer outfits, cant believe you have been busy sewing while you got so much else going on, take care my friend, hopefully we will be able to chat soon

  4. What gorgeous colours, I'm sure these will be a great hit
    Have a wonderful time
    Hugs Julie P


I appreciate your taking the time to visit my blog and to leave a comment.