Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Friendship, long sought, rarely found, forever kept...

I am really struggling with the idea of keeping up my blog.  Really, I was so much more active when I was on a couple of design teams, but since my surgery and having to give up those precious design teams, I rarely get any visitors here.  It almost seems pointless to share my work, with who???

Enough grumbling...I have made a multi fold card for friends of ours that took us out for dinner on our recent anniversary.  I haven't made a Magnolia card for - well - over a year I believe!

I saw a similar card done by Norma Lee here, and knew that I already had this template on hand.  I went digging through my drawers looking for it.  I cut and folded it and chose the dp's but went out of town for a while.  Finally I got to sit down and color some images and locate some sentiments.

Here is the card, folded closed.  I tried to color Cool Edwin to represent my hubby and Baseball Tilda represents me!  Inside I thought Brother and Sister would be really appropriate like we were hugging our friends.

The front of the card as it looks folded:

This is a closer shot of the card completely unfolded:

A view from the top to show all the folds:

This card is held together with a sleeve so here they are together

A view of the card partially folded:
Here is the card with the sleeve...
Here is the card with the sleeve in place.

Thanks for taking the time to come and visit my blog.  Your comments always warm my heart.

Blessings on your day...Barb



  1. Well, you sure haven't lost your touch. Your card is amazing! Please don't give up your blog. I don't get many visitors either but I keep hanging in there. I love hearing what is happening in your life whether it is cards, your dh, the girls, what you are up to, your beautiful smocking etc. It doesn't have to be all about cards if you don't want it to be

  2. Your card is brilliant, Barb! I love the unique fold and the images are adorable! Fantastic coloring and design! The sleeve is such a great idea! Hope you will keep sharing on your blog! I love to see your beautiful work!

  3. Wow, such a cool fold and stunning coloring. Beautiful creation. Great idea for the sleeve to hold it all in place. Your friends will love it.

  4. I have had surgery on my wrist and I love your work, but it takes me forever to type a comment. Don't give up...summer is always slow!

  5. I forgot to say your card is over the top beautiful!

  6. Hello Barb, your card is awesome, love all the gorgeous colors, and the pretty images, as well as the story! your coloring is as beautiful as ever! I love to visit you! and will share with you my humble opinion on blogging. I also considered shutting the place down on account of not that many visitors, and the fact that I take much time in translating my posts. then I decided to treat my blog like a garden, and make it bloom, for my own pleasure. not for any statistics, just for pure pleasure, and just let it be.....I feel privilege for each and every comment I get, and it really does make my day! Whatever your decision, take it for you, for your own pleasure! Have a nice day. xox

  7. I love your beautiful card. It sure looks like a complicated fold. I'm glad you are paper crafting again. I missed your creations.

  8. Wow Barb, this is fantastic!!!

  9. You need to remember that even though people don't actually visit the blog site or leave a comment that they see the work. I get it via e-mail and thoroughly enjoy all that I see!

  10. I'm still here and look forward to your posts. I think you have more fans than you think. We all enjoy your talented creations.

  11. Your card is so special. Wish I had your ideas and ability to do them. Love everything about this one. Hope you get back to feeling good after your surgery. Keep up the great cards. Edna

  12. This card is lovely,you have done a great job with your creation.
    Thanks for sharing.Are your measurments different than the one in the other post.
    Blessing's Jocelan

  13. This is gorgeous Barb, beautifully coloured and created, I love looking at your cards, Hang in there dear friend and please know you and your work are very much appreciated
    Big Hugs Julie P


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