Sunday, August 23, 2009

While hubby's away.....

My hubby left on Thursday to attend his family reunion. Originally I was going with him and the three kids too! Then I realized that traveling with two crawling babies an active three year old and ALL the equipment was too much for us to cope with. So I've stayed behind while he went to South Carolina. As it turned out, it was a good thing, since his mother had become deathly ill just a few days prior to his leaving and he and the family have spent the entire time sitting at her bedside in ICU the entire time. No place for kiddos.

My eldest sweet daughter brought her three year old, Kyle, and spent the weekend with me helping me with the load. I really needed her too! She just pitched in and helped in every way and even let me go back to bed both mornings and get a little more shut eye. Bless her sweet heart.

So while I have several brand new Maggies sitting on my desk just crying out for me to use them, I decided to go back to some cards I'd already made and finish the inside of each of them and make an envelope to match.

So here we go...

If you remember this card...

Here is the inside and matching envelope...

Okay now, if you remember this card...

Here is the finished card and matching envelope...

Did you notice the charm on the inside. I found these at the bead shop in Salado, Texas. They just looked like little Magnolia Tilda's to me so I bought a little bag of them. 10 for $1.00! You can't beat that price...

And here's another...

I had used some water color flowers on this Tilda, but some way or another some water got splattered on the card and the flowers ran. So to save the card, I used some of my Flower Soft to place over where the watercolor flowers were. Ohhhh! I like this so much better.

Here's the inside and very plain envelope...

More recently I did two digital image cards. I just wasn't happy at all with the Prairie girl I did, so I took off the Dew drops and added buttons tied with Crafter's Floss and I also punch out some leaves in Old Olive and Really Rust, painted them with Copper Stickles, painted the petals of the flowers with the same and it looks much better. I'm not all that sure that it suits the style of the card, but it sure looks better than my first attempt! Here is my revamped card...

That's all I accomplished this weekend. It took me quite a while, longer than I first thought because of all the kids in the house and the constant demand of two three year olds and two 14 month olds. Even with the extra pair of hands it was still a harrowing experience. My hubby ows me big time!


  1. Hi Barb...Bless your heart I feel for you but thank goodness for your daughters help. I hope that all will be well with your mother-in-law. Your cards are beautiful and have been finished as beautiful on the inside as well! Great job with the matching envelopes. You do awesome work!

  2. Barb, they are all gorgeous!!!
    I love the matching envelopes & cards.. just adorable!

  3. OMGosh Barb! You astound me! Each card is a treasure & the insides are equally beautiful! You do such beautiful work!
    Huggies ~

  4. You have definitely got your hands full, girlfriend! Bless you for watching out for these little ones. I can only imagine how exhausted you have to be. But what a wonderful exhaustion it is. It will all come back ten-fold to you. :) Thank goodness for your daughter too.
    Your finished off your cards beautifully, and love the envies too! I don't even know how you managed to have the time to do that! LOL! You're amazing!

  5. I really like these cards! They are all so beautifully done. I'm sending your family and extended family good wishes!

  6. Hi Barb, they are beautiful. You make the inside just as exciting as the outside of the cards. Such detail, truly beautiful. Hope your Mother-in-law is doing better--it was very nice of your daughter to come and help out too.

  7. Wow Barb you busy, busy lady--I don't know how you do it! My kids are 13 & 11 & I don't know how to get stuff done sometimes, LOL! Your work is beautiful, love the insides & beautiful charms! Gorgeous all of them! Sure hope your MIL is better!


  8. You just amaze me I am tired just hearing all you did LOL ! They are all just stunning Barb, your work is so pretty.
    Hope you MIL is well soon.

  9. Barb, I just love how you said that's ALL I got accomplished this weekend. well, that about 5 times more than I got done--LOL. You did an awesome job in finishing the insides and matching envelopes. They're all beautiful. Truthfully I don't know where you find the time with all you've got going with you.


  10. You've accomplished so much! It takes just a long, if not longer to make the insides of cards and the envelopes. I love how they all turned out...beautiful. Cami

  11. Love it!

    Janneke X

  12. Dear Barbara!
    You deserve a medal for what you have been doing lately.
    I do hope your dear M-I-L gets well soon.

    Your cards are a delight. They were before but now that you have finished the insides and made the wonderful envelopes - they are works of art!!!!
    Hugs, Candy

  13. Hey there,
    How do you manage with all the babies to get these great cards done- My goodness - Great cards as always
    God Bless

  14. Each card is gorgeous! I love the inside of the cards and matching envelopes too!

  15. Poor Barb, I hope you will get plenty of rest.
    Wow, you sure had a productive week for all these cards. I love the matching envelopes you did. All the cards are fantastic and you should be proud of yourself on what you've come up with!

  16. So sorry to hear of your MIL' illness Barb, it's good that she has a lot of family there for her.

    Wow, what can I say about your card insides and matching envelopes! The card fronts are amazing, but you've really added the icing on the cake with your extra artwork! Fabulous cards!

  17. Wonderful cards Barb! inside and out! You know you are addicted to Tilda's when every little girl you see looks like her!LOL! I don't know how you keep up with those babies like you do. Bless your heart! and bless your daughter for helping you out. What a good girl.
    I hope your mom in law is doing better.

  18. Hi Barb,Love all the cards and nice
    to match your envelopes to your cards.
    Linda W.

  19. How fun to just play, and play. Wonderful results too! Barb, make sure you go over to my blog. I have something there for you!


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