Tuesday, August 25, 2009

First Day of School...

The first day of school is always exciting for both moms and children! Our day was no less exciting as we have been building up this event with Jordan for quite some time. New shoes, backpack, lunch kit, school T-shirt. Boy was he ready. And his very best friend from day care is also going to this school. They're in the same class and sit right next to each other. Jordan was so thrilled to go to "school". He is in Pre-K Three!

We let him chose his own backpack and lunch box and for the past several days he has been filling it with leggos and cars and walking around the house with it on! Too cute!

All ready to go out the door...


  1. He is changing so fast! He has that little boy look instead of the toddler look now!!

  2. Big Boy! He will always be that drooly, curly, adorable baby to me!


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