Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthday Blowout Weekend

We had a very hectic time this past weekend. Jordan was invited to two birthday parties, both of them WAY out of town. The first was on Saturday afternoon in Roundrock Texas. That's a little ways north of Austin. The birthday girl was Elliana, who turned four on April 29th. She was a foster child with us for about 4 months when she was a baby. She has a huge extended family, all of whom welcome us into their midst with much love and acceptance. Here are some pictures of that party...

This is Edna holding Brielle. We have known this sweet lady since Elliana's first birthday, when we first got Jordan into our care at 1 month old.

Here is Edna, who didn't want to give Brielle to anyone else, and myself holding Josslyn. We were waiting for the Pinata hitting to begin.

At last the Pinata was broken and there was a mad scramble for the candy. Jordan didn't know quite what to do, but Elliana's daddy made sure he got lots of yummies.

Here is Brielle sitting on the Pinata after all the candy was dispersed.

Not everyone was so happy with the Pinata. Josslyn didn't want anything to do with sitting on it or the grass...

This is sweet Elliana and Jordan. It was hard to get a good pose from either of them. She is such a beautiful little girl, and her parents are just wonderful. We feel so honored that they have continued to include us in her life.


After Elliana's party we drove to San Antonio and spent the night at Randolf Airforce Base. It was a late night and we all needed to get some sleep.

On Sunday morning we arrived at our daughter's home to help her get ready for Kyle's 3rd birthday party. There were 13 kids there, and parents as well. It was just as busy as Elliana's party had been. Here are some pictures of this momentous occasion:

Jordan playing in the water and filling his water pistol.

Kyle takes aim, and by the look of him somebody got him pretty good...

Tiffany had several games for the kids to play, like Bean Bag Toss and Ring Toss. Everyone got a prize not matter how they scored and they even stood in line for their turn, without any fights, pushing or shoving...

Here is Jordan with his windmill. He was facinated by how the wind blew it around.

We left San Antonio exhausted and arrived home about 11:15 that night. What a long day we had. The kids slept in the car for the most part, and went straight to bed when we got home.

I'm still trying to recover from this exhausting trip, but all is well.

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  1. Holy cow Barb, you've been super, super busy with your traveling family!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time & so did the kids. I especially enjoyed the pictures of the kids. they are all gowing so much!! Time flies. You're such a wonderful Grammy! Hugs!


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