Monday, April 27, 2009


Sunday after church we wanted to take a few formal photos of the children. You know what it's like!? You get them all sitting and one starts crying, you settle that one and the other looks away, then the third one won't smile.

After about 10 minutes of trying and trying, we took them in, gave them lunch and then paraded them all outside for another try. This was our best shot! We didn't realize that Josslyn wasn't feeling well, that she was running a low grade fever, and hense all the tears. We got our photo and then took care of poor little Joss. She is much better today, just a fleeting thing that kids seem to get and everyone else is healthy.

These yellow flowers are so pretty in our front flower bed, too bad the Azealias (sp?) finished flowering several weeks ago. The girls each have a bright yellow bow in their hair, so they blended right in with the flowers.


  1. Barb your little family look soo happy... you can never say one is sick...
    Precious little ones...!

    Your cards are awesome you Splatered ink one is gorgeous...

    Thanks also for leaving a comment on my blog...!

    Take care

  2. LOVE THEM! Beautiful children, and yellow was a great color choice.

  3. Wow Barb, what a wonderful Easter picture you took of your three little chicks! I think it's absolutely perfect, they are just so precious! Jordy has gotten taller and the girls are growing like weeds. hehe Love their Easter outfits, they look so adorable. I love the yellow!!!
    You and Bill are such a good Grammy and Grappy!!!
    Give them all a hug from me!!

  4. Looks like you succeeded in getting a good photo. You mention the yellow bows but the girls yellow outfits really popped for me. Very cute picture of your precious little ones! Martha


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