Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Glorious Easter, A Glorious Risen Savior

Easter is without a doubt the most exciting and wonderful celebrations for true Believers world wide. Our Hope Lives! And because He lives, I live!

We began our Easter celebrations with an Easter Egg Hunt at First Baptist Waco. They had all kinds on indoor activities for the children to participate in. Although the girls didn't do much but sit in their stroller the entire time, Jordan had a wonderful time and we enjoyed watching him in all the activities.

We began at the Play Dough table, where he enjoyed making some fun shapes.

Next we were off to the face painting table where he had a cat nose and whiskers painted on this face.

This painting table was just about the most crowded table of all - or so we thought until we went into the foam egg area. But I digress...
Here the kids could paint large egg shapes and put glitter glue on them and get as creative as they wanted. If they preferred they could paint a white paper lunch sack which many children did and used them in the egg hunt.

Then we found a space at the making a foam egg table. There were hundreds of foam shapes to put on the eggs, all self adhesive. I think Jordan liked this the best, he loved pulling the paper off the back of the stickers.

Next came the Easter Egg hunt and believe me there were some veteran hunters in the group. Some kids had way more than a dozen eggs in their baskets. Jordan just didn't realize that he was supposed to hunt for the eggs. He simply picked up one egg and opened it and then one more egg and he opened that one. That was all he got until one older child came over and gave him about 6 more eggs.

Then everyone was sent to the gym where they presented the Easter story in skit and gave the salvation message. After that it was hot dogs, chips, a cookie and drink. All in all it took about two hours and we have a super delightful time. It's been a very long time since we've done the Easter Egg thing with a child.

Our Easter Service at church was so moving today. The choir was superb, the video they showed was so good and the message delivered with so much love. What a wonderful blessing to know the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

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