Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our Trip to the Zoo

Some days I think we live in a zoo! Especially on weekends when Jordan is home and he's so active and noisy. Well, we wouldn't have it any other way.

Today was a beautiful day, one of those wonderful Texas spring days that slip in between cooler windy days. We decided that we should take the kids to our local Cameron Park Zoo, so we packed everything up and headed off for a marvelous day.

Jordan was facinated by the fish in the aquarium, and the otter's. He learned a new word to day. "Otter" At first he was calling them Watters, but we straightened him out. He also did walk most of the way even though we took a stroller for him. He loved seeing the animals up close and personal, even though most of them are too far away to get a really close up look. Unfortunately the monkeys, whom he was the most excited to see, were in their cave preening each other and staying out of the heat of the sun. Even though we got there at noon, it was a little too hot for most of the animals to be very active.

Here are Bill and Jordan at the Rhino pen. There are three of them and they were lying in the sun barely moving at all.

We couldn't get a very close view of the Giraffes, there were two of them, but Jordan didn't complain at all. He just wanted to stand up on the fence to get a better look.

He recognized the Buffalo (Bison) from our trip to the museum last weekend. At the museum you can actually touch the Buffalo - he's stuffed - and Jordan was awed by it's size. We were lucky enough to have this Buffalo come to the watering hole for a drink and so he was the closest of the herd.

I didn't get a picture of it, but Jordan really enjoyed seeing the Aligators. He saw some pretty big ones today and also a little one that was in an Aquarium setting. He swam right up to the window where Jordan was standing.

On the way out, we stopped at the gift shop and bought Jordan an toy aligator. He was thrilled and took it to bed with him tonight.

We had a wonderful time at the zoo. Even though the girls didn't understand what it was about, they enjoyed all the people who stopped us to ask about them. "Oh, their twins!" people always say, and they ask lots of questions about the kids. I'm so proud to tell them that their mommy and daddy are serving our country in Afghanistan.

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  1. Oh Barb, I'm so glad that you & Bill had such a nice time with the kids at the zoo!!! Sounds like you had fun & I'm happy that you did. Sounds like Jordy had a blast, so good for him. the girls love to just be out with you, so sweet X 2!!!
    hehe thanks for the trip to the zoo!!!


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