Friday, March 13, 2009

We found a way...

Thanks to those who sent me ideas on how to identify the girls. Even though they have subtle differences in their faces (at least we can tell) it's hard for others, like nursery workers and Mother's Day Out workers, to tell them apart. I still get them mixed up about 5% of the time. I love to dress them exactly alike - even their bibs - though it would be a little easier if we always dressed one in pinks/reds and the other in blues/greens. But I just can't bring myself to do that. So, we decided to get them UNMATCHING earrings.

During this cold and flu season it was getting hard to keep them from passing junk back and forth so we began to sterilize their bottle nipples (we use Platex Nurser bottles) every night and thus eliminate the need to keep track of which baby had used which nipple. Then I started using green ring bottles for Josslyn and pink ring bottles for Brielle. This made it easier at MDO to match the baby with the bottle. Unfortunately we haven't managed to stop the spread of the junk. Bill has been quite sick for the past 10 days, I took Jordan to the doctor the other day with a sore throat, and the girls have had really junkie noses and coughs for about 7 days. This morning I woke up with it! I'm filling myself up with all kind of cold suppliments, Vitamin C etc. I'm not going under! I can't afford to!

Today after nap time - which was toooooo short - the girls were hamming it up playing with their basket of toys.

Their feeding chairs are now in the full upright position and attached to chairs like booster seats with a tray. They love to sit in them and drop toys for me to retrieve. I feel like a Golden Retriever ~giggle! They chat and fuss and laugh and shout and bang their spoons which are their favorite toy. Here they are watching me get dinner ready, which was actually this morning because I was making Chili and it needed to sit while the flavors infused all day. It was very good with lots of fresh veggies in it. Yummm!

Since Jordan is in day care I don't seem to get pictures of him as much. I will be sure to dedicate the weekend to getting some pictures of him. Our weather has been cold and rainy for days so he hasn't had a chance to get outside and burn off his excessive energy. Hopefully this weekend he will have a chance to get out and play, play, play...

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  1. I just wanted to tell you that you are a amazing women..Fostering so many children and finding time to give back to your church..Now looking after little ones..Amazing..


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