Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I wish I may, I wish I might....

I wish there were more hours in the day to accomplish all I need to do. Here are a couple of reasons why I'm not getting much of anything done:

When Bill comes home at night he helps out so much with the girls. Here is Brielle, who loves to just stand with him. She is not taking any steps - at all - but she stands up in her Jumperoo more than she jumps.

Josslyn seems to accomplish the physical milestones more quickly than Brielle. So we've gone from using the boppy... sitting all by ourselves. There is still some falling over, and she doesn't sit for endless hours, but she is supporting herself very well.

Bath time is a nightly ritual we rarely forego. It has to be some very special occassion to not give the girls or Jordan a bath. Now that the girls are sitting up so much better I don't have to hang onto their slippery bodies and wash them at the same time. This is Josslyn. She was just "chillin'" the other night in the kitchen sink (makes it easy on the old back) and she looked so cute.

Babies are up from a very short nap time now and I have to make trip to the mall to return their bathing suits. Just a little too big for them so we'll get smaller ones. They look so cute in them...

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  1. These kids just keep getting cuter, Barb!

    By the way, love the new blog look. Dazzling!


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