Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Boppy Sit-Up

Today is such a beautiful day - warm and sunny. I took the girls for a walk with the dog for about half an hour. They were delighted. When we returned it wasn't time for them to eat, so I thought it was a good time to do some "Learning to sit up" time. I placed the Boppy's on the floor and put the girls in each and then threw a bunch of toys for them to play with. They did so well! For 20 minutes they sat up and played and laughed and chatted with each other. They only fell to the side or back a couple of times. I'm so impressed with this progress and can't wait for them to be sitting on their own. It's such a huge milestone. OMG! I guess crawling will be next and then what will I do? Two babies crawling all over the house will be a challenge, but one I look forward to as I see them developing from infants to crawlers to toddlers! And it won't be long...

Notice the cute red bows in their hair? The only way I could get them to stay in was to put some corn syrup on their hair! Hey, it works!


  1. They are so cute and red is such a great color for them! Miss you! XOXO!

  2. Hi Barb! They are growing soooo much!! Love the corn syrup trick, you cracked me right up!!! hehee
    I'm glad everyone is doing so well, that is wonderful!
    Sure do miss you!


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