Thursday, February 5, 2009

What great strides we're making...

Tonight Bill and I trade places. He bathed the girls while I bathed Jordy. I am going to brag a little on this boy. He is really making huge strides in the potty training. Yesterday Bill brought home a large pill bottle, which he had filled with M & M's. They are called Potty Pills. Each time Jorday peepee's or poopoo's in the potty he gets several "pills". Needless to say he is making trips to the potty almost on the half hour and we haven't had one accident today, well, except that he did dirty his big boy pants tonight and he cried broken heartedly. Sorry, no pills when you make your big boy underwear dirty! He did however make another trip and poopoo'd on the potty. Good boy Jordan, more potty pills for you. We are still using a night-time diaper at night because he usually wets about 2 pounds of peepee during the night. However, this evening, with the diaper already on, he let me know that he needed to potty and he took off his own diaper and stood up to the toilet like a real guy and is so proud of himself. I'm very proud of him too. We're going away this weekend to visit our daughter and we're looking forward to a sucessful trip but we understand that under different circumstances there might be set backs. We'll just take loads of underwear and pants with us...

Here is Brielle in the Bumbo seat, learning how to sit up and hard at play with a toy.
I had Brielle on the table in the Bumbo seat and Jordan climbed up to give her a hug - which he does frequently - aren't they so cute together?
I finally had the camera in hand when Brielle started to whistle. Her little pursed lips are so cute. I couldn't get a video of her doing it, but maybe sometime soon...
While Jordan and Brielle played, Bill finished bathing Josslyn and getting her ready for bed.

I just have to say that these children are our greatest delight. Everyday we find ourself laughing at their antics, enjoying their cuteness, and loving them to pieces. They are such a joy to care for, such a rich and rewarding experience.


  1. Hey Sweet Lady, looks like you're doing great! I don't know how you do it, makes me tired just trying to follow along! Keep up the good work! Blessings on you and you're sweet charges, Katherine

  2. ahhhh fab photos, i was going to get one of these seats, I must do now!


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