Sunday, February 15, 2009

San Antonio

I can't believe that it's been a week since we made our trip to San Antonio to visit with our daughter and her family. We had such a blast! Our daughter watched all three kids for us while Bill and I took a break and looked at homes, one of the things we really enjoy doing. We stayed at a resort area at Canyon Lake, part of the perks from owning a timeshare.

Here are Bill and the kids out on the deck of our lodging. Jordan wasn't in much of a mood for pictures that day and wouldn't even give me a half smile. Sigh!
One of the first things Jordan did when we walked into the pool area was to jump right in, clothes, shoes and the whole enchalada. We had to fish him out and wait for Bill to get ready before he could go in again. It was an indoor pool and very tropical inside. Our daughter, grandaughter, and grandson came with us and we all had tons of fun, and the boys, who are the same age, wore themselves out.

While Jordan and Kyle sat on the edge of the pool and played on the steps, Bill took each of the girls into the pool. Josslyn took to it like a duck to water. Kyle had this floatie, so Bill wrapped in around Joss and held it in place and floated her around. He also got her to dunk under the water, though I'm sure she swollowed half the pool.

She had such fun and was laughing out loud and watching the other kids in the pool. She had a blast...

Brielle wasn't as sure of this experience as was Josslyn, but she didn't cry so we just kept her in the water. We didn't put her in the floatie. She was a little tense throughout the whole time so we didn't want to stress her.
She did relax enough to start looking around and kept her eyes on Bill big time.

This week past has been a little tough. Brielle came down with a cold and is still struggling a little with some nasal congestion. Thank goodness for booger-suckers! I myself have had some sinus congestion and swollen glands. We've all been tired and required much sleep. I'm hoping for a better week. I also started back at Weight Watcher's, so on top of a puny child and feeling a little puny myself, I've been so hungry!!! This week it was a challenge to get meals on the table that were within points values for me, that required more planning and cooking time, and careful shopping as well. I've been so used to quick fix meals, not counting the calories, and lots of convenience stuff. What a huge change...

As a P.S. - Jordan is potty trained. Well, not at night, but certainly through the day. As I mentioned in a past post we've used the Potty Pills as a reward for his successes and lots and lots of praise. Today, Sunday, we went to the Golden Corral after church. When he was finished his meal we gave him some ice cream with M & M's on the top. You might know where I'm going with this. He was so excited to have ice cream and Potty Pills and he told everyone around us! We laughed and laughed at that one. I hope that when he goes to Pre-K next year he's learned that Potty Pills are really called M & M's.

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  1. These babies are so precious!! I want to squeeze those cheeks!! :)


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