Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ups and downs

Today was a good day again for Jordan and the potty training. He had only one accident at school, and that was during nap time...he woke up crying because he had potty'd in his underwear. So tonight we gave him a sticker for being so good and showed him that we had some Potty Pills (plain M&M's in a medicine bottle) He actually went down to the bathroom and got on the toilet and poopooed, and called us to tell us all about it. Then later he went to the bathroom, forgot to put the seat up and ended up piddling all over the floor - but his intentions were excellent. He got potty pills for both successes. He's really enjoying this very much and we are praising him like there was no tomorrow. Here is the king on his throne, not happy to pose but humoring grammie anyway. We're going away this weekend to visit our daughter and family so lets hope he's really in the swing of things by then, but we won't hold our breath waiting if you know what I mean....

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