Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Some changes at our house...

I don't have any recent pictures to share with you, sometimes my week is just so hectic that I don't get around to taking any. Sometimes, if I have down time, I do just that - I veg and don't take pictures.

There are several changes taking place at our house, some ages and stages stuff with the kids.

1. Brielle can whistle - I kid you not! She puckers her sweet little mouth onto an 'O' and blows. She's done it several times, but I never have the camera ready and even if I did she would become so engrossed with the camera that she would stop. I can't make her do it, but I sure do catch her doing it. It's adorable.

2. We've decided to bite the bullet and potty train Jordan in earnest. He's been going tinkle on the potty for several months now, not all the time, but every now and then. He tells us "I go potty" and then he gets on his potty and goes. Well, we decided that waiting any longer would be a hinderance and so on the weekend we went and bought him a ton of big boy underwear. He was pretty excited yesterday to wear them to school (day care) and I sent umpteen changes of clothing with him. He was so excited when he got home - in the same clothes I sent him in - and he had been dry all day and using the potty. Our day care is so good about working with the kids to potty train them. However, he pooped twice last evening in his pants, crying the first time and not even telling us the second time. So much for perfection.

Today he had four accidents (sigh) but did poop in the potty when he got home. Voila! Now if we could just get it together...

3. The girls are now realizing that there are strangers in their lives. When I dropped them off at Mother's Day Out today they looked at the sweet workers then at me and their lips quivered, tears formed in their eyes and Brielle began to wimper. All I could do was give them a kiss, while the workers got them busy with a toy and I beat a hasty retreat.

4. The girls are taking fewer naps. Morning naps are becoming shorter though afternoon naps are still a good two hours. Sometimes they don't sleep at the same time and some times they do.

5. Josslyn is a food hog. She not only wants her food but Brielle's as well. In the late afternoon when I feed them their 'dinner' of veggies and fruit, I give one a spoonful of veggies then fruit and then do the same with the other baby. I go back and forth between the two until the meal is done. Josslyn gets quite upset when I go to feed Brielle. Brielle just isn't that interested in solid foods, though she eats as much as Josslyn. It just take longer to feed her. Josslyn opens her little mouth like a baby bird and gets every last lick of food on her spoon. These girls may be identical but they are quite different in personality and development. Josslyn is the more active of the pair. She loves the Jumperoo and lifts both hands over her head and jumps like crazy. I've labeled her the Roller Coaster Queen. Brielle really would rather be held than any other activity in her day. She will jump for a short time, play on the floor for a short time, sit in her feeding chair for a short time, but wants to be held endlessly. I give her as much lap time as possible, but it's not always going to happen.

So we enter new stages with the children and leave some stages behind. Please pray for us with the potty training - Jordan can be pretty stubborn when he wants to be. We are praising him like crazy, making a big deal out of every success and rewarding him when we can.


  1. Barb: Wishing you the best of luck on the potty training. My daughter is 3 and finally just turning a corner. We do potty for pennies or M & M's. She's been going well at daycare but when she's at home she fights it...she's getting better though.

    He'll do just fine! He's got some great parents teaching him!

  2. I remember with my twins- one a boy, one a girl- potty training.....I was in a twins club, so got lots of tips from the other Mom's...one was to use the vanish that turns the toilet water blue- we called it magic water, cause when my son would go to the bathroom, it turned the water green.....He wanted to go to the bathroom frequently to make the water turn colors......After a while, he would get so involved in play that he would wait until the absolute last minute and would run for the bathroom in a panic.... My daughter just decided one day she was not going to wear diapers anymore....and she was done.

    God Bless you Barb! What a blessing you are!


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