Monday, January 5, 2009

Here is a video I took of Kyle and Jordan playing with the tape measure. The boys enjoyed each others company so much - though there was a little fighting, nothing serious! Jordan is still asking me where is Kyle. He misses his good buddy. We'll have to get the boys together again for a weekend. Maybe this time Jordan and the girls can go to my daughters and Bill and I will take a weekend break! Sounds good to me.


  1. hehe!! Great video, Barb! Wow, Kyle was surely getting his exercise, wasn't he?!! lol I bet he slept well that afternoon! hehe

    It's good that they play together so well, and yes it would be super if they could get together more often. I think it's good for both of them to have eachother to play with :)

    It would be super if your daughter could take them and give you a well earned break!! Great idea!!!

    I miss ya! Love it that you're keeping in touch thru your blog, makes me feel like we're still in touch :) love it!!!
    hugs to you!!!

  2. Hoe totally these two are becoming such buddies....Fantastic!!!!!

  3. Hoe totally these two are becoming such buddies....Fantastic!!!!!

  4. What fun Barb! Again, reminds me of my twins when they were little- the simple things they would play with for hours! One day we had them decorate grocery bags with faces, cut out the eyes and then Katie wore Chris' clothes and Chris put on a pair of Katie's pants and then Dad had to figure out who was who...... LOL I hope you get a break for the weekend and relax and refill your energy tank! I need to get my card out to Lisa Still... I did not forget.....
    Happy New Year!


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