Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Mama's...

I just couldn't resist! I'm such a sucker for hair bows on babies. I've been waiting for the girls hair to grow in, and I've been diligently looking for some different than Walmart type headwraps for them. I've looked online, but obviously haven't found anything cute enough and cheap enough (remember I have to buy for two) to suit me. So today a drove all the way out of town to find a shop that carries speciality gifts. They didn't have much in their baby section, and I had to dig into some drawers but I came up with these two white bands. Pretty bland I thought, but they didn't have two in the pink I really liked. Then I got the idea that I could use clippies to put through the anchor band of the ruffly bow part. I had some clippies already at home, so it was a perfect match. Here they are, Josslyn on the left and Brielle on the right, with their new "Mama" hairwraps. I will keep looking for some that are much more special, so this will tide me over.

By the way, both girls are currently 2' 2" tall and Josslyn weights 17 lbs. 1 oz while Brielle is a whopping 17 lbs. 6 oz. She has finally surpassed her sister in weight! I expect they will flip-flop as time goes on.


  1. I have a wonderful lady I always bought hairbows and such from: http://www.thebowlady.com/

    She's quick, and I love her headbands as you can change the bows out to different colors.

    Adorable little girls!

  2. Love the hairbows on the Girls they look so happy and so Darling and Pretty, They are just growing by leaps and bounds!!!!
    I miss the days when I got to dress my daughter in pretty things, now it's just t-shirts and jeans...yuck!!!!

  3. Love those outfits! Daddy is going to have to invest in tag-team dobermans and poison ivy outside their windows when they are older!!


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