Monday, December 1, 2008

Wild Week, but Happy Thanksgiving...

This year for Thanksgiving, like last year, we drove to San Antonio to have this wonderful time with our eldest daughter, Tiffany, and her family. The drive is normaly only three hours, but it took us 7 hours to get there. The traffic was horrendous and the babies did not tolerate being in their car seats that length of time. When it was possible, we made stops and let them take a breather. Jordan tolerated the trip a little better, but was bored stiff and really tried my hubby's patience. We took two cars, the babies came with me and Jordan went with my hubby. That way, I was able to stay in San Antonio for a few extra days and Bill came home with the babies. Since my youngest grandson is just a month younger than Jordan, we thought this would be a good opportunity to get them together. My daughter and I enjoyed the time together also, talking scrapbooking and exchange ideas on how to deal with two year olds...the following pictures are just a few that I took of our wonderful time together...

This is Kyle and Jordan getting acquainted. They really didn't play together, but rather played along side each other.

Here are Bill and Brielle. These are the little dresses we got the girls for Christmas. We dress them alike as much as possible. They were definitely the hit of the show.

I find bath time pictures so fun and I took tons of them. Here are a few selected ones of Kyle and Jordan. They really enjoyed this time together, thought there were a few tears over a certain toy it didn't last long.

This is my sweet daughter, Tiffany, holding one of the babies. I don't remember which one....Tiffany made the most wonderful meal, with a little help from all of us ladies. Her turkey was perfect and all the trimmings were delicious. As always we ate way too much, but who can resist? There were 11 of us there to make sure there were very few leftovers...

Bill and the children and I stayed at Randolf Air Station and our accomodations were just right for us. Jordan slept on a Roll Away Bed and his favorite thing to do was to push it around the room. Here he his having a go! His next favorite thing is to play "Where's Jordan?" He rolled himself up in the sheet and called out to me and we played that game for quite a while. I guess I'm taking too many pictures of him because when I get the camera out he runs away yelling, "NO PICTURE".

Tiffany's hubby went shopping and brought home each of the boys a toy kit. Jordan's was a Police Officer outfit and Kyle's is a Builders set. They absolutely loved them. The whistle actually belongs to the police outfit, but Kyle attahed to it and wouldn't let it go. It was okay, Jordan had more fun outside jumping on the trampeline.

Duane also wrestled with the boys on the living room floor. They really tore him up. I got the camera out to take some pictures and when Jordan saw that he ran away, again shouting, "No Picture!"

The End!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Barb to you and your family...Looks like you all had a fantastic time... Dinner was cooked for you are a lucky girl...
    The kids are changing so much and growing so fast I love watching it all through your picture...
    Hugs to you

  2. Cute! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. Hey! I think we stayed in that same room/unit at Randolf two days earlier!

    Looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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