Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ahhhh! The joys of Autumn...

While the babies are sleeping, Bill and Jordan have been busy outside raking up all the fallen leaves. This is the most dreaded part of Autumn. Jordan, with the natural exuberance of a two year old thought that running and jumping in the piles was the best way to help "Grampie". He is having so much fun out there I just hate to go and haul him into the house for a nap. Maybe a little later.

It took me a while to get some pictures. I had to wait while Jordan ran all over the yard yelling "NO Picture". I can hardly believe that he is camera shy. He's not shy about very much in life.
He was refusing to get up off the pile here, and really having so much fun. Bill was trying to get those leaves into a bag and Jordan thought it was so funny that Bill was scooping him into the bag as well.

We have all been sick since just before Thanksgiving, but I think we are on the mend now. The babies haven't been sleeping well at night and I think that has greatly contributed to Bill and I not being able to shake the "crud" quickly. Since Bill was the last one to get it, he is still coughing quite a bit but the medication the Dr. gave him is helping a lot...


  1. Bill looks as if he is having loads of fun too, and he is doing all this still kind of sick, your Husband is just a Amazing Man...Barb...

    I'm sorry you both have had the crud what ever that stuff is this year it kind of hangs on for weeks and weeks, glad you are both feel somewhat better now.

    All your pictures bring such big smiles to my face, Jordan is so funny looking as he is heading off into the leaf bag...What fun, what memories!!!!!

  2. Your stories bring back floods of memories- I was so lucky- like you- with 2 babies and one more that my husband was so helpful! Your pictures are so wonderful! It also brings back memories of how much work it is- but the blessings are multiplied by so much more!!! I cannot wait to see your holiday pictures!!! And, snow fun too- it is snowing here in the Chicago area already....... Snowman season.....

  3. Hope you are all feeling better soon Barb!

  4. oh what wonderful pictures, I can HEAR the leaves rustling!!


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