Monday, November 24, 2008

I've had "One Of THOSE Days..."

Have you ever had "One of those days?" You know what I'm talking about! When absolutely nothing goes the way you intended, and inspite of super human efforts to right all the wrongs, it just doesn't go right at all! I've had just such a day. It is now 3:10 p.m. and I'm counting the minutes until my dear "man" comes home to be the super hero I know that he is. Here was my first discovery this morning...

The Uninvited Guest

Okay, so I've suspected that an uninvited guest was living in our garage, my dog was going crazy running around back and forth from dryer to work bench. I told my DH about it a few days ago. This isn't the first one, in fact we've had several uninvited guests in the past, so finally he put out the trap, loaded it with peanut butter. I checked yesterday, nothing! This morning, nothing! I worked in the kitchen today (that is the rest of my story so don't stop reading here) and was loading up the girls to take them for a Thanksgiving dinner at my hubby's work place and checked again. BINGO! We caught a rat!


With two babies on board it's hard to get much of anything completed in one fell swoop. It took two days just to get a little bit of ironing done. Making a bed could take half day, with all the interuptions and rabbit trails that come with having two. Having a shower is a real challenge, and I might or might not get my hair blow dried and make up is sometimes none existent. But, back to the kitchen.

We are going to San Antonio for Thanksgiving and while that is just too far to contribute much to the dinner itself, I offered to bring some snacky foods. How hard can that be, right? So, while still attired in my night dress, I began to get out all the ingredients necessary to make Chex Mix. How easy and simple, thought I. The girls were down for a nap, I'll pull it together, put it in the oven, have my shower, maybe even get my hair blow dried today and some make up on, if I'm lucky.

It came together, great, the girls are still sleeping, oops, well one of them is asleep, so I picked her up and we moved down to my bedroom. All is well. I have my shower, now the other baby is awake and crying. Oh, oh! I can smell my Chex Mix, better go check on that. Throw on robe, run down hall, both babies are now crying, turn down oven, give it a stir, okay, now settle baby #1 and pick up baby #2. Feed babies their bottles, go back and stir Chex Mix. Well, it's going pretty well. Get dressed, actually blow dry hair, babies are playing in bouncer seats. Stir Chex Mix - it's done! Hallelujah! Take out of oven to cool. Babies are crying again. Okay, they only slept for about 30 minutes earlier, they must be tired. Try to get them to nap. Oh, my gosh, look at the time. I need to get ready to leave for hubby's office Thanksgiving dinner. I put lids on Chex Mix and leave on stove top, get babies into the car, load up diaper bag and off we go.

Wonderful lunch! Had lots to eat and lots of people to visit with! Time to go home before I take babies to Doctor appointment. Josslyn has not been well this week and I don't want to head all the way to San Antonio with a sick baby. Arrive home. Rat is still staring at me through sightless eyes, and I cringe.

I'm so glad we went to the Dr. Josslyn has an ear infection in one ear. Change both babies and put down for a nap. Cross fingers they will both sleep for a few hours. Walk back into kitchen.......and.......OH NO!!! That x*%+#@ dog! He had climbed up onto the chair back in the living room, stepped onto the pass through, picked up one roasting pan (with lid in place) and hauled it through. There is Chex Mix all over my stove and counter, the chair and the floor. The container is lying on the floor. The dog has the guiltiest look on his face. He had better replace his face before I remove it from him permanently. All my hard work - or half of it - he as destroyed or eaten! I wish I could say that I laughed at this point, but I was so frustrated, this work of love (and precious time) was in the pit of his stomach and all over my living room. Did I mention that my vacuum cleaner has been in the shop for repairs for over a week?

(Hark! What's that I hear? It is now 3:30 and one of the babies is awake! That was a great 20 minute nap for a total of about 1 hour of sleep for her today. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Okay, both babies are awake now but I'v managed to get this post done with only several jump-ups to put pacifiers back into mouths. Well, they are both crying now and I must go and feed them. Days like this one just make us appreciate the great days all the more...


  1. Oh Barb bless your heart you have had a terrible day sure hope it gets better here is a big hug((((())))))for you.

  2. {{{{Hugs}}}}

    This too shall pass, and remember to look in on them tonight while they are sleeping and watch their angelic faces. Then quickly finish that bottle of wine and get some sleep! ;D

  3. Oh noooooooo! Oh Barb, I feel for you. That dog better be hiding!!
    Bless you, you worked so hard on it, and I can understand your frustration!!! But you are "super angel Barb" and you're smiling now. You're amazing!!
    Happy Thanksgiving, my friend!!!


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