Saturday, November 22, 2008

Whew! What a busy week...

This is Josslyn...
I have made it through this very hectic week. I don't know where the time goes to, but it certainly disappears quickly. This week I didn't take any pictures of Jordan, probably because he is at Day Care during the day and I'm home with the girls.

When I picked up the girls at Mother's Day Out on Thursday, I arrived a little early. They had both of them in Exersaucers facing each other. I watched from the door for several minutes and found them laughing and jabbering away to each other and getting very excited. I decided to try this at home with my Exersaucer and Jumperoo. Well, what a reward that was. They jumped and chattered and laughed at each other and it was so cute.

This is Brielle

Here they are on a different day, (November 20) playing together. They have learned how to swivel around in the Exersaucer - aren't they just so smart? Brielle is in the back and Josslyn in the foreground. How can I tell? I just have to remember which one is in which play thing...

Today Bill took a couple of pictures of them together on this new Rain Forest mat that has lots of toys hanging from the bars. They have really discovered each other and love to watch each other, and they laugh and chatter and touch each other.

Other than Josslyn having a rather nasty cold, or at least some heavy sinus congestion they are doing well. Josslyn weighs 15.11 pounds, while Brielle is 15.10 pounds. Josslyn is about 1/2 inch longer, but that could be that she stretched out a little more than Brielle. They are both little butter balls.


  1. Aww, aren't they just so sweet together! The best part of having twins is that they always have someone to play with! (Yes, I am the mother of identical twin girls, although they are now aged 34yrs old!)

  2. Barb they are so so darling....Pretty sweet wonderful picture!!!!

  3. Barb, I'm so glad that you & Bill are still finding time in your busy days to take lots of pics for their parents. I bet this keeps both of them going, seeing them & watching them grow with you. The girls are growing so fast & are just so beautiful!!
    Jordan probably had lots of fun today, too, ith other kids. It does him good to get out, too!


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