Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feeding Time at the Zoo...

Have I mentioned before that my husband is the bestest ever? Well, he is! He does everything, changes diapers, bathes whom ever is next in line, he gives bottles and gets up in the middle of the night to plug whichever baby is crying. He gives me time off and he helps around the house too. I'm tellin' ya! He is too good to be true.
After a rather hard day at the mall with the ear piercing, the girls had worked up an appetite. While I was preparing Chili and Cornbread for the family, he gave the girls carrots and applesauce. They love the fruits now, but aren't at all sure about the veggies. They gave it a valiant try...


  1. Can you please share whatever spell you work on your DH so we can try it on our DH's? ;D He is wonderful!

  2. So what are those two saying to each other in the second photo?

    "Bre! WHAT is the green stuff?? Do we like it???"

  3. Barb, your are a Lucky Girl... Your DH is a real TREASURE, you should rent him out to teach others. My DH First, for lessons next

  4. All of this AND he makes cheesecake? Oh Barb, How did you train him?

  5. I just read your profile and want to express my heartfelt thanks for what you are doing while their parents are serving overseas. I am a military mom and deeply appreciate your own service to our country's bravest. These children, and their parents are very fortunate. God bless you!


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