Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh happy day...

Today was another big day for Brielle and Josslyn. Yesterday they had their 4 month shots and today we took them to the Mall to get their ears pierced. First up was Brielle. We figured since she was the first born she should be the first to have her ears pierced. She did so well until the lady wanted to put those little purple dots on her lobes to show where she should place the gun. Then all of a sudden, there was a loud pop and a horrible pinching sensation and a very loud wail. It took only a second and the other ear was done and the cries were almost unending. Brielle, you see, is the Drama Queen of the two of them. So everything that happens to her is always accompanied with loud and prolonged crying. Yes! She did cry longer and harder than Josslyn.

This picture is out of order. This is Brielle sitting quietly on my lap before the whole performance began.
Now it was all over except the shouting, and she was very brave for the camera. Wait until you see the picture of Josslyn actually having the piercing done. Really they were both little troupers, and recovered very nicely after much snuggling and cuddling.
Here is Josslyn waiting patiently for her turn. She was so sweet cooing at the lady, but not all that happy when I had to hold her head to put the purple dots on her ears.
Ohhhhhh! OOOOOUUUUUCCCCCHHHHHH! She was not a happy camper, and actually Brielle looked just like this except Bill couldn't get the picture at the right angle. She was one unhappy camper here. But it's over with so quickly and after just a minute or two she was back to her normal self.

Well as you can see, they didn't cry for ever, and they looked so adorable with their little gold balls in their ears. I was really wanting some very small diamond looking ones, but the lady said they were too small and we would have to move to a larger size. I wanted something small for them and these gold ones were perfect. As a matter of fact, you can't even see them in this picture.

At the mall is an area for children to go and play. There is a huge Bee Hive that is a slide and you can also crawl through the middle of it. There are a number of climbing shapes, like an apple and you can balance on large bugs, all very cute. Jordan loves this area. There are comfortable seats for the parents to sit and watch the kids. Since Jordan didn't get his ears pierced we took him to play and bought some Aunt Annie's Soft Pretzels - which he really enjoyed.
He Finally figured out how to climb up on the apple and pose for a picture or two. Then everyone got cranky, so we came home and everyone took a nap. Ahhhhhhh! Such a blessing...


  1. Good shots Barb...and are you going to turn scrapbooker now.
    connie paxman

  2. Barb what a full and amazing day this must have been... Super Woman in action... Leaves me speechless every-time!!!!


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