Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Fred B. Mullett weekend

I have just attend a wonderful weekend of classes with the extremely talented Fred. B. Mullett. This was an early birthday gift from my fabulous DH, and also, by the way, a weenend off from night feedings. I drove to Salado on Saturday to attend my first class called Dancing Rubber Fish. Here are the three samples I made. I love this technique and learned so much about different ways to use embossing powders and watercolors.

This Spider Mum was done using the same technique of layering in embossing powders and then water coloring in the background.

The afternoon class was so delicious - called "Elegant Mess" and I really enjoyed this one. We used Japanese paper, different design elements, colors, shapes and mediums. It was indeed a messy business, but I love the two sheets of paper that I made and will definitely be using them in some upcoming cards.

Here are two cards that I made with a small portion of each paper:

Fred provided the note cards so that we had completed cards. All other projects are simply samples, not made into anything - YET!

After class I drove back to Waco, a very long day for me!

I drove back down to Salado for Sunday's class which was all about marker washes and highlighting/accenting. Here is what I made while putting rubber to paper and applying all that I was learning.

The envelope and the fish on black paper - a bleaching technique - were both advanced technique classes and I know that I have a long way to go. His samples of course were masterpieces, but I made a valiant attempt here to apply the principles he was teaching.

This leaf pattern is another example of the Diffused watercolor effect, but on a larger piece of printers paper (hot press watercolor paper).

The classes were very informative, fun and hectic all at the same time. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to be stretched in their thinking about card making. You can check out his web site for class schedules here.


  1. WOW! These are jaw-dropping GORGEOUS!

  2. His work may be masterpieces... but you are well on your way! I just love them. Each and every one!

  3. Oh my Barb, how fun. I love the way the cards came out and would love to attend a class. Have to check this out for sure!

  4. Hey Barb been a while since I visited your blog lots going on I think Fred B. Mullett is awesome...Don't think he comes to the east coast though. Lots going on on the home front I see too...two babies at once you are an unbelievable lady!!! My prayers are with you. You are very special.

    Love the cards in this post also...
    As Mari said you are on your way!!!

  5. wow so cool! thanks for sharing!! I wish we would have classes like that here, you're lucky :)

  6. great job on the techniques, barb! i have been lucky enough to take a couple of fred's classes and love the end results! they certainly are a bit out of the mainstream, which makes anything we do with them a real treat for the eye!

  7. Wow! These are just fabulous Barb! I wish I lived in the USA so I could attend one of Fred's classes too :)

  8. Your work on the FM pieces is outstanding Barb!! What an opportunity - so glad you got to take those classes. That's definitely a wish-list item for me :o) And thanks for sharing the baby pictures - so sweet, and what a great man your husband must be! You two are an inspiration for sure.

    Nancy ~ inkblocks

  9. Barb,
    You have an abundance of talent! Thanks for sharing all the info and making everyone feel so welcomed into the group. Love the Fred Mullett cards. I've always been fascinated with his fish prints but never seen then colored out.
    Deana Farley


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