Monday, August 11, 2008

Can I brag a little?

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I might have a card published in a magazine. Two and a half years ago when I was first introduced to the art of rubber stamping, coming up with my own ideas for a card layout seemed an impossible task. I so admired all those talented ladies out there who were creating their own cards and sharing their talent through classes and over the internet. Though I was unable to make my Stampin' Up! business a success, another door of opportuniy opened up to me. I discovered Technique Junkies and one thing led to another and, well, here I am.

When we were going through our Home Study, when we switched foster agencies, I was asked what my personal goals were. I had to think about that, but I realized that I really wanted to be on a Design Team for rubber stamp companies and I wanted to get my cards published in magazines. I didn't think it would happen quite this fast, but now both those goals have been reached. I was first asked to become a Guest Designer for Starving Artistamps several months ago, and then Innovative Stamp Creations. Then I answered the call of Artistic Outpost for a new designer and I got the appointment. I felt so humbled that these people even considered me good enough to design cards using their products. They also have encouraged me to send in my cards to various magazines for publicaton considerations.

Today I reached my second goal when I received two complimentary magazines from RubberStampMadness. I knew that they were going to publish three of my cards, but I never dreamed that they would do a three page layout on them. I am so excited to have my cards being published, that is such a great honor, but to have a three page layout just knocked my socks off. This afternoon I heard from my Techie friend Lisa Somerville that she had received her copy of Take 10 and I have a card publisherd in there also! I made it into the gallery of Scrap & Stamp so as you can well imagine, my head is in the clouds. I have 5 cards published in three different magazines Sept/Oct issues.


  1. Barb! That is SO awesome! Congrats!


  3. Wow you just ROCK girl!! that's got to leave you in the clouds for a while :) great work and accomplishments!!

  4. You totally deserve this! Your art is awesome!

  5. Congrats...Congrats...Congrats.... Way to go Barb!

  6. Congrats barb! I am not the least bit surprised that your work would be chosen for publication- your work is absolutely wonderful!!! Wahoo!!! Congrats!!!

  7. congrats!! great cards and work. A 3 page spread wow!! you were worried about being good enough. i think i need to worry about being good enough to keep up with you.

  8. Congrats Barb! You deserve to have the bragging rights, your work is just beautiful!

  9. Congratulations ! Beautifull work and inspirational.

  10. Your work is an inspiration to me, so I like to give you the Brilliant award

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  11. WOW! You are famous.........and I can't help but think that I got this thing all started........does that make me famous, too???

    I am so proud of entire article??? I am sure this was such a shock and thrill and exciting moment for you. You are awesome.........and have truly found your niche!!!

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  12. You deserve it Barb, I know you've been working really hard and kuddo's to you! Katherine

  13. Turning cartwheels in excitement on your behalf!! Congrats on your publications & reaching your goals!

  14. Wow deserve this and have worked's about time.
    Connie Paxman

  15. Barb, Congratulations! They say good things happen to good people, so here ya go!! You have every right to brag, you did good!!!!


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