Monday, July 14, 2014

Dr. Monday M.D. - Origami Boxes

Happy Monday morning my dear friends. 

I have a very picture heavy post for you today because I didn't want to leave out a single detail. 
 I found a YouTube site that was teaching how to make these Origami Boxes and I just HAD to try one. Rather than going to all the trouble of doing up a tutorial, here is the link to making origami boxes that I used. This gal has a wonderful website with oodles of ideas for card making.

These little Mini's are so adaptable for any kind of use.  You can see that I just centered most of the image onto a Spellbinders Classic circle, but left the bottom of the image off.  Works for me!  Each of these images is available at Diana's online store as well as all your other card making necessitites, flowers, dies, adhesive, Magnolia designer paper, you name it and she carries it. She also offers in store credit, so that each time you purchase something from the store, she puts a percentage back into your account.  You can let it accumulate or use it on your next purchase.  And this is on top of her already discounted prices.

 Well, you know how it goes, I made one, and then had to make another just so that I wouldn't forget and then another adding some Maggies on it so I could use it as a post and then I just had to try a different size and that was so cute I made a card to go with it. Pant, pant, pant!   If you have the tenacity to get through this post then you can be very proud! 
 And so because this IS so picture heavy,lets get on with the show so you can see my handy work...

This Teal colored box is actually my 3rd box.  I put some Mini Maggies on each side. Here is #3062 Tilda Binding Flowers.

I took my pictures outside - sorry for the shadows *sigh*  This is #3116 Afternoon Tea Tilda
Here you see #01 Fantasy Flower Tilda
The final side...#A17 Flower Tilda with Bow Knot

Here is a view of the top and bottom of my box.  I used lots of flowers and pearls and even put half back pearls on the bottom for little feet.  These lids are fabulous because they have a lip on them that fits perfectly into the box preventing the lid from slipping off.

This is a view of the inside of my box.  You can get an idea of the puffiness of the sides. Too cute!

A closer look at how I adorned the top...

Here is a smaller box which was made with an 8X8 piece of DP.

A View of the interior of the box with the lid propped beside it.

The Lid and the Bottom of the box...

A closer look at the top of this box.  I used gingham ribbon to form a loop so you can pull the lid off.

Here is the little note card I made to go with the box.  I masked the images. #3006 Tilda on the Loose and #528 Suitcase with sign. This set would be an ideal gift for someone who is moving, or going off on a travel adventure.  The possibilities are endless for themes.

A side view of the card.  I mounted each square with SU Dimensionals to give the dimension.
This is the very first box I made.  Double sided good designer paper is perfect for these boxes.  One 12 x 12 sheet for the box and a coordinating one for the top and inside.

A side view.  On this you can more easily see how the ribbon loop works.

Adding a matching color of cardstock to the bottom not only gives the box stability, but it covers those points and gives the box a very finished look.  I used little wooden pegs which I colored with Black Copic marker for the feet.

This was my second box and I experimented a little with this one, keeping it quite simple with very little embellishment.

The top - I really kept this one simple.
The bottom, again using small wooden pegs, colored with Copic Marker.

That's it for this Monday.  This was much more than you bargained for I'm sure, but I hope you enjoyed seeing my creations and that you'll visit Diana at Magnolia-licious store and get your order in for some Mini images.

Bear hugs and many blessings,


  1. Cute as can be!!! The minis are perfect for them and love the decorating you did on all the boxes! Beautiful work Barb.....Master Box Maker!!!!

  2. Oh my goodness!!! where to begin Barb, Wow!! how fantastic are these boxes and so many of them too and a card thrown in just for good measure. Amazing work sweetie, must have taken forever but oh so worth it. I'm off to have a look at the link. Beautiful work Barb. Hugs Suzi x

  3. Oh Barb!!
    Your boxes are so wonderful!! They are all gorgeous :o)
    Big Hugs, Candy

  4. Barb each box is totally awesome! Lovely coloring and details. Great work!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, I made some of these at Easter time for little eggs they are a lot of fun and very easy once you get the hang of it, I love the colours and papers you chose , just beautiful Barb, have a wonderful day Hugs Julie P

  6. These are amazing! Love, love them.


  7. I was going to share your post with some friends and have each one make a puffed origami box, but when I came back to your post, all the pictures had been removed! I was wondering why? And also, will we be able to see your wonderful creations ever again? I was so disappointed ~ I loved your take on the boxes and really wanted to show my friends (however, I did go to the link you provided, but it just wasn't the same!). Thank you for letting me vent (and of course for your original blog with those gorgeous pics!) . . .

    1. Hi Beth, I'm so sorry about the picture issues. I deleted, by error, all of Picassa photos. I've restored this post now. I hope that helps.


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