Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tic Tac Booklet...X 12

Happy Saturday to everyone!  I have been at it again *sigh*.  I can never make just one of anything! 

 I recently was asked to make some favor treats for our Mission group travelling to Uganda.  The treats will be for the host moms.  I don't know how many I will need, so I got busy and made up 12 "Tic Tac Booklets".  What fun!  They are really all alike with different designer papers.  Let me show you...

I found a tutorial on Sam Donald's blog, but the sizing was completely different.  I purchased my Tic Tac's from Sam's Store and they are quite large.  So I had to do the math!  I'm terrible with math!  Finally I got the dimensions just right and began to put them all together.  I followed her idea, using a different sentiment and changed up the shape of the sentiment panel.  This is a lookie at my MOST favorite one.  I thought the black and white were so elegant.

Here is a view of the "spine" and back of the booklet.

This is the inside.  You need to be able to slip the Tic Tac's in and out (and refill when necessary) so this is the band that holds them.  You also need a ribbon tied around the whole thing to keep the Tic Tac's from slipping out when you don't want them to!  I tried to keep everything flat (undimensional) for ease of slipping into your pocket or purse.

Rather than showing you individual pics of each booklet I just took a group hug picture!  I love how they turned out.  I used only DP and CS from my huge stack - yet another way to chip away at the left-overs.

Thanks for stopping by to view my most recent crafting activity.  I will create a tutorial for those who wish to make some for yourselves.

Enjoying the journey,
Many Blessings,

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