Monday, May 5, 2014

Dr. Monday M.D. (Mini's and Dies) Match Box Tilda

Good Monday morning my dearies and welcome back to my blog. If you haven't pieced it together yet, I'm just batty over boxes.

 I don't think I even remember how to make a card, though that would be so much easier for me than several boxes per post. But, I'm just lovin' it and so are the people who are the recipients! So I just keep on making them and hope that you'll find one or two that will inspire you to try some also.

This week I've used my Envolope Punch Board to make some delightful Matchboxes.  It was a great way to use up some of my left over cardstock and designer paper.  I have a ton of left over pieces that I really need to put to good use.  Boxes are an excellent way to start chipping away at those piles.

So here are the little Matchboxes that I had such fun making...

I managed to make 6 of these in all.  They are each filled with 6 Mini Hershey's candy bars.

So you're looking here and wondering how they qualify for a Magnolia post.  Well you'll be surprised to see how I managed to work my Maggies into these treat boxes...

First, let me show you how wonderfully the little chocolates fit into each box.  Perfect!!
Here is my first box.  Voila!  I simply added a Mini Maggie to the inside of each box, so that as the chocolate disappears the image appears.  I thought it was quite clever of me!!! (giggle)
In this box I have used #368 Tilda With a Bike. OH ;-( she is not available in the store.

Box number two!  Love the Chocolate cardstock I used.  Perfect with the little chocolate bars!
This is #263 Catch Tilda from the 2013 Special Moments Collection.  If you would like her she is available.  Just click on the link and it will take you directly to Diana's store.

Box number three.  Isn't this cute?  This is #3117 London Tilda from the 2013 Little London Collection.
I love how Tilda has changed over the years.  She has much more personality, don't you think?

And box number four.  This is #01 Tilda with Fantasy Flower from the 2014 Lost and Found Collection.  She is available in the regular size but not in the Mini. :-(  You can see that I have used similar DP as in the box above, but I used it a little differently.  Both work out equally well.

We're nearly done.  This is box number five.  In this box I've used #294 Tilda with a Balloon from the You're So Special collection of 2011. I can't find her in Diana's store, so I guess she was retired quite a while ago :-(
Box # 6 using #3014 Cute Little Tilda from the 2013 Once Upon a Time Collection.
She is not in the store :-(

Here is my final box.  I used #02 Tilda Hiding Bouquet from the 2014 Lost and Found Collection.
She is no longer available :-(

I designed this box a little differently.  I made a tag using the SU Scalloped Tag Topper, added a sentiment and a little bit of ribbon and it slips between the belly band and the box.

Well, you've stayed with me to the end of another lengthy post.  It seems I can't do a short post, but I'm working on it!

Many Blessings,
Enjoying the journey,


  1. Wow! Another great creation Barb!!

  2. You do such a great job with the boxes, Barb! Terrific job and so many cute ones. The recipients get double the present!!!

  3. Adorable Barb, beautiful work!
    hugs, Diana

  4. Oh Barb, these are adorable! I love them all! :) Nancee

  5. Awesome boxes! The candy looks awfully good.....


  6. Barb, these are adorable. What a wonderful way of packaging your chocolate gifts. And so many adorable Tilda's. Terrific job on these. Love them.

  7. Ooh! I saw these on the challenge blog and thought they were too stinkum cute! Must try these!

    Laura c.


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