Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine Treat Box Tutorial

Welcome to another tutorial. This time we're going to make small treat bags. These are very quick and easy so you can make up a ton of them as I did with the Valentines Treat Boxes. 

Here is what you'll need for this project:
  •  A 6 x 6 sheet of strong double sided designer paper, or you could use just plain cardstock.
  •  An Envelope Punch Board
  •  ScorTape or other very strong adhesive Hole puncher (I used my Crop-a-dile) 
  • Ribbon to secure the lid. 

 So lets get started.

First, place your 6 x 6 sheet of paper into the Punch board lining up the edge of the sheet with the 2" mark.  Punch and score.  Move the paper along and line it up with the 4" line, punch and score.  Turn your paper 90 degrees and line the edge up with the 2" punch and score, moving again along to the 4" mark, punch and score.  Repeat this for all the sides.  Your piece should look like the one below.

Next you want to put two opposing points in the back of the Punch Board and punch to round the corners. Or you can use a hand held corner rounder.


The next step is to punch a small hole with a hole puncher on only two sides that are opposite from each other, here I've used my Crop-a-dile.

Now fold on all your score lines so that they are crisp.

Flip your paper over so that the outside is facing up.  Your will notice that there are small triangle shapes in every corner.  You are going to place a piece of ScorTape on the fold of one of the triangles.  You can see below that I placed them on the same fold sides.

Now your going to remove the paper backing from the tape and creating a V with your index finger, pull two edges of the box together.  They need to be lined up and match perfectly.
Repeat the same procedure around each corner.

When you done that your box will look like this on the inside.  You will have four flaps which you can just fold tightly against the sides of the box.  If you prefer you could add a little glue dot to keep them secured to the side. 

Fill your box with desired candy and fold the two side flaps in.  Bring the top flaps over and secure them together with ribbon or twine.  All you need to do now is add a small tag to hang from the ribbon.  I used Tilda with Spring Heart here on a heart shaped die.

Enjoying the journey,
Many Blessings,


  1. Barb, Gorgeous box and tag! Thanks so much for the tutorial.


  2. Fantastic tutorial Barb, I'll be using this a lot. Many thanks. Hugs
    Suzi x

  3. Great tutorial Barb! This makes a lovey gift box!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn


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