Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tissue Box Cover Tutorial

I have been requested to do a tutorial on how I made the little Tissue Box Cover. Although my sample is made for a Mini Tissue Box measuring 3 x 3 x 3, you can easily adjust the measurements to fit a full size or rectangular size box.

 For this project you will need: 
2 pieces of card stock cut 3 x 6 1/2" and a coordinating piece of card stock cut 5 x 5 inches 
Scoring tool, cutting tool Cutting mat and Xacto Knife
Dies for images - your choice Edge punch (I used a Martha Stewart punch) 
4 Magnolia Mini images 
Copic markers or your choice of coloring medium 
Template for top of box. 
Flowers, buttons, pearls, whatever strikes your fancy for decorating the top of your Tissue Box. 

Step 1.  Cut two pieces of card stock for the sides of the box 3 x 6 1/2"
Cut coordinating piece 5 x 5"

Score the side pieces at 1/2" and 3 1/2"

You will join the two pieces together by securing one flap of one side to the longer part of the other side.  Is schould look like this when your finished.  You don't want your flaps to be visible on the outside of your box, so be sure to put your tape on under side of one 1/2" flap and the upper side of the other 1/2" flap.

Fold the two pieces around your tissue box and folding tabs under the longer piece remove backing from each strip of tape and secure.  This box is removeable.  Do not secure any part of the box cover to the actual Tissue Box.

For my template I used a piece of clear card stock cut 3 x 3".  Place that on top of your Tissue Box and with a Sharpie Marker draw the outline of the whole.  Keep the removable oval from the Tissue box for a reference guide before cutting your hole in the lid. Set this aside while you prepare your lid.

Line up and punch all around the four sides of the lid.

Place the punched piece on your scoring tool and score at 1" around all for sides.  You can see here how they intersect.

Now, snip away each of the four corner squares.

Now, place your lid template in the 3" square you've just created with the scoring tool.

Carefully slide the oval template under the lid template so that it sits right inside your marked oval.

The use of clear card stock makes this step much easier as you can see exactly where you need to place your oval template

Carefully remove the clear template and draw around your oval template on the lid.

Using your exacto knife cut the oval piece from the lid.

Now you can add your lid to the sides of the tissue box.  Use ScorTape on the sides of the lid and secure it to the sides of the box. 

Here is the final result! 

For my tutorial Tissue Box I cut another strip of matching cardstock 1 1/" wide by 12" long, punched one edge and added it in similar manner as the top - no corners to cut on this bottom piece, just tack it all the way around. The images I used here are Tilda with Spitz Pocket #3093 from the Special Moments Collection 2013 and Cute Little Edwin #123 from the same collection

On this side of the box I used Cute Little Tilda #3014 from the Once Upon a Time 2013 Collection and Prince Orjan #12 from the Lost and Found Collection.

ON the top of my box I used a mix of flowers, leaf punches, pearls and a butterfly.

I love the look of the butterfly hovering over the flowers so I simply attached him on a coiled piece of flower stem and added a couple of black beads for his body.

Well that's it for my tutorial. I hope you will give this project a try, it's really very easy and lots of fun. And once it's made you can use if over and over. How great is that? Enjoying the journey, Many Blessings, Barb


  1. Fantastic Barb! This is a lovely tissue holder and thanks so much for your tutorial! Great decorations and coloring!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  2. Thanks for sharing this!!!! Nancee :)

  3. Well done for doing another tutorial Barb, you've really got the 3D bug, nice work my friend
    Hugs Julie P

  4. Great tutorial! The box is gorgeous. I have a get well project that I need to make and I'm diggin this idea!


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