Wednesday, May 22, 2013

An update on our remodel...

I was hoping to be able to show you some pictures of our completed project, but alas that's not happening as fast as I wanted!  In any case, here are a few pictures of our progress...

Looking from where the washer and dryer will go into the shower area...

From the opposite corner looking into the potty room and the door that leads from the bedroom to the new bathroom...

Standing in the doorway of the bathroom onto the soon to be screened in porch...

Looking out the door to the steps and patio.  The small wooden box is a template of where our Hot Tub is going to be situated...

Looking from the porch into the guest nice that guests will be able to have coffee on the porch in the mornings, or wine in the evenings and not have to worry about BUGS!

Oh, UGH!!!!  This is our bedroom!  We're having to use the guest room while this room is being done.  Next week they will start tearing out our old bathroom (which you can see the door of).  Already this tired old green paint is gone and the pretty gold is up.  They are still patching the ceiling where we had our closet wall removed to make the room larger (sorry no picture of that).  The old bathroom will become a small walk in closet...

My Studio.  You can see what a mess it is.  I have had to make a path to my table and to the computer.  I'm still stepping over things that are in the way...SHEESH!  It's hard to be creative in this kind of clutter - at least for me!

That's it for now.  I'll try to keep you posted as we progress.


  1. Wow... this is going to be very lovely Barb. you should make a scrapbooking album out of these renovations, a lovely keepsake. Can,t wait to see the completed project. Hugs.

  2. What a lovely place you have and it will be awesome when finished. Thanks for sharing those pictures. Can't wait to see when you're all done.
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  3. Oh my gosh, I thought I had it bad when we redid my craft room!! How nice it will be though, to have it all finished!! Sooooo jealous of the screened in porch!!!!

  4. OH how I remember those days. Growing up in the basement. Kitchen was in our laundry room on hot plates. Totally gutted the middle floor of our house. I luv looking at your pictures. What fun and how exciting when it is all done. Can't wait to see the finished project. My house is an old victorian so it is slowly getting there. I am doing my own work and hire side people at times to do doors and windows. But luv luv luv your pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks like it will be awesome when it's finished, thanks for the update
    Hugs julie P


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