Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I have been SEW busy...

I have finally completed the smocked dresses for the twins. They are for their birthday in June, so woohoo, I finished them in time. I've been working on them for months!!!

The girls watched me smock the dresses and I had trial fittings on them before they were sewn together, mainly to make sure that the bodices were the right size. So when they get these dresses, I hope they will remember me and recognize the dresses. I can't tell you just how much we miss them, my heart aches for them at times, but we've stepped out into a new chapter in our lives, and by God's grace we can look forward to many happy and healthy times.

So here are a few of pictures of the dresses...Pink for Brielle and Green for Josslyn!

So these were done in my spare time (what's that?).

Now, I have also been very busy pumping out some receiving blankets with matching burp cloths.
When Joann's had a huge sale of flannel I went and picked up about 25 different yardages for this project. I have cut them out, making the burp cloths two layers thick and have crocheted lacy edges around them.

When do I have the time???? Aha! When I'm watching a Ranger's ball game on TV...When we're driving various places that take more than 30 minutes (like driving up to Arlington to watch a Ranger's game in person)...while driving to see the grand kids...and well, you get the picture.

I have completed 15 of these in all so far and have about 10 or so left to do. I have sold 4 sets, but these that remain are being donated to our local hospital for NICU babies. The blankets are a little smaller than a regular receiving blanket because you don't want to smother a preemie in a huge blanket. I can't wait until Joann's has another extravaganza sale and I'll surely be buying tons more.

So here is what I've made so far, minus the one I finished last night...sorry for the poor lighting on these...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today! It's so much fun to have blogging friends who take the time to visit. Have a very blessed day...hugs...Barb <><


  1. Auntie Barb these are beautiful!

    The dresses are amazing... those girls are blessed to have had you a part of their life and making them such beautiful things! I am sure they will adore them!

    The burp cloths and receiving blankets are so lovely too... those will be truly blessed little nicu babies to have something made with such love! I maybe will have to order a set for our baby #2 once we know whether we will have a boy or girl so that he / she can be burped and snuggled in something as beautiful as these are!

  2. How beautiful Barb. I love those dresses, my grand ma used to make some for me, I had pink one and a lilac one. they remind me of childhood. and those burp cloths and blankets are also very pretty. will bring happiness to the people receiving them. Hugs.

  3. Oh gosh, Barb! Those dresses are amazing and you are so talented in so many ways! They are going to adore them and will want to wear them every day! The blankets and burp cloths are awesome too! I am in awe of you!!

  4. Oh gosh, Barb! Those dresses are amazing and you are so talented in so many ways! They are going to adore them and will want to wear them every day! The blankets and burp cloths are awesome too! I am in awe of you!!

  5. Beautiful dresses Barb. The twins will remember you and love the them.

  6. How lucky are those two little girls? Your work is amazing and of course they will remember you! How far away are they? Is there a chance they will be returning for a stay down the road?

  7. Those dresses are just beautiful Barb, I'm sure those gorgeous girls will just love them too!

  8. Oh, gorgeous dresses, Barb!! And of course, they couldn't forget you guys!!! I've missed the stories of their little antics, so I can imagine how hard it is for you!! But so glad to see that you are keeping a little busy! Haha!!! I don't know how you do it all!!! The burp cloth sets are adorable!!!! What a talented lady you are!!!!

  9. OH BEAUTIFUL!!!! WOW you are one very talented and giftd lady! The girls will surely treasure their gift from you. Not only the dress but your love and kindness. How could they every forget someone as loving as you and Your hubby. I'm sure you miss all of those special moments and I bet they also miss you too. But you all have memories treasured in your hearts!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  10. Wow you have been a busy girl, love the dresses, they are going to look just lovely in these. And the blankies are a wonderful idea, what a talented lady you are
    Hugs Julie P

  11. Oh Barb!! You HAVE been sewing up a storm! These dresses turned out beautifully!! Your stitching is absolutely stunning! Your talent knows no bounds, girlfriend! I'll bet the girls will love their new dresses!! Hugs. Pat Frank


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