Monday, March 26, 2012

It's a family thing....

My hubby is progressing well with his new leg, though he's not at the place where he can walk without his crutches yet. He's having a little difficulty trusting the leg will support his weight. Attending PT three times a week, we have seen him move forward quite well.

He is to wear his new leg for about 3 hours a day and do some exercises while he has it on! Here he is on the bed, doing some leg raises with his best exercise buddies. They are so cute!!! They march up and down our hallway with him, and mimic all his movements.

Let's get ready...



Just had to share these photos...Monkey See, Monkey Do! These two little monkeys are too cute!!!


  1. How SWEET!!! I'm so happy to hear that he's progressing so well Barb! He's certainly got quite the pair of cheerleaders!! :)

  2. So wonderful to see your hubby doing so well! And with two side kicks beside helping too! :c) Smiles all around....
    Wishing you all well!

  3. Barb that's so amazing I'm so happy that things are moving along! god bless,


  4. That is an excellent therapeutic team you have there! My best wishes to all!

  5. Awwww.... they are great therapy, too, I'm sure!! How cute!!! I'm glad he's getting along with it pretty well, time will be the key! It has to be so much better than the pain he had endured! The girls are just tooo cute!!!

  6. OH Barb.......... This is just adorable!!! I am so glad that your hubby is getting along better! It's about time that things start going you guy's way. The best of wishes coming your way.... big big hugs.....Janiel

  7. Glad he is pregressing! And the girls are adorable!! : )

  8. Barb.. I am so happy to see that Bill has an encouraging team to do his exercises. I could not help having a big smile on my face, seeing those 2 little ones on the bed.
    Glad to get good news. the sun is shining.

  9. How can he not do what he is supposed to do with 2 adorable helpers. How sweet is that?

  10. Glad to hear your hubby is progressing well Barb! How cute to see his little helpers too!

  11. Glad your hubby is home and seems to be doing well. Love his little helpers. They must cheery him and you up. Take care and best of everything to him and your family. Edna

  12. These are the cutest pictures. It looks like everyone is doing really well!

  13. This is delightful! I'm sure the girls are the best encouragement to have. Thanks so much for sharing Barb
    Hugs Julie P

  14. How adorable! Gosh it's wonderful to see the girls encouraging your hubby. Great therapy session going on physically and mentally. These pics are some real treasured moments. God bless you all!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  15. Oh how precious is this, and what wonderful memories that are being created! Thanks for sharing with us, Barb! Glad to see that Bill is progressing!!
    big hugs,

  16. Oh what a lovely idea and those beautiful photoes tfs.
    hugs Carolyn

  17. Barb, I am so glad Bill is doing so much better and the twins are helping him.. that is so wonderful that they are there it really amazing how wonderfully helpful children can be to help adults heal and get well faster just by being there.. They seem to understand better than we do. Thank you so much for sharing the photos and tell Bill he is doing just so great!!
    Hugs, Jean


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