Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hubby Update...

Hi everyone, I've already posted the following information to my Facebook, but realized that many of you don't follow over there, but would be interested in knowing the latest news about my hubby.

Argh! Not good news...or maybe it is! After waiting a couple of months for his AFO (Ankle Foot Orthotic) to arrive, it was very disappointing. It was designed to fit his leg and ankle as precisely as possible, and he had to buy and extra large shoe to accommodate the swelling in his foot and the AFO also. Well, it didn't work out for him. It actually hurt his ankle more than the boot does. It was very discouraging for him as he had a lot riding on that AFO.

He has made the decision that he just can't keep on with the constant pain and discomfort of wearing the boot and has opted to have the lower half of his leg amputated. The surgery will take place on October 26, just 2 1/2 weeks from now. Needless to say we've both been struggling with the outcome of the past 14 months, and that the need for the amputation has been moved up. We were hoping to wait until after the children left, one, so that I would have more time to devote to him, and two, to avoid the children having to experience such a drastic outcome. The little girls don't know what is going to happen, and don't even realize that he has such a bad leg. They just say that Grampy has a booboo! Then there's Jordan, and he well remembers that Bill was in the hospital twice just after they came to stay with us. We've talked to him as gently as possible about the leg having to come off so that Grampy can get better. He cried! So we continue to talk about it when it seems appropriate and not give him too many details.

The good news? There should be a quick recovery from the surgery and in about 3 weeks post OP, he will be fitted with a temporary prosthesis. He will be in outpatient rehab to learn how to walk on it, so he'll still be on crutches for a bit longer. After the swelling is completely down on his stump, he will be fitted with a permanent prosthesis. So we are both struggling a little with the decision to move the surgery up, still trying to work out the logistics of child care, but looking so forward to moving on with healing for Bill and an end to his constant pain!

I may not be doing too much blogging during the month of November, depending on how well things are going here at home. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for us.

Blessings and hugs


  1. Dear Barb,
    Your family has really been through a lot... I hope that this surgery will be the answer for Bill and bring him much deserved relief. Your holidays may actually be brighter when it's all said and done... I, too, would be concerned about Jordan, the little girls will probably just accept it after a day, but if Jordan is anything like Matthew, he will probably think about it by himself. But I'm sure the strength that you show will get him through it!!! Know that my prayers and good wishes are with you all during this time... try to think only positive thoughts!!!!!
    Many hugs,

  2. know that prayers and positive thoughts are with you all.
    Sandra ltb

  3. heart goes out to you both, I am praying for nothing but the very best for all of you!!

  4. Oh Dear Barb, prayers are going up! Will keep praying for your family, Big Hugs! Leah Ann

  5. Wow barb sorry to hear this news!!!! my prayers are with both of you!!!! Hoping for nothing but the best for both of you!!!!!

  6. I have prayed for your family and those little babies throughout this whole thing. Goodness what a journey you have been on. I pray all will go well and that the hard part is now over. Decision made and date set. Trust in the Lord and all will be well

  7. Barb,
    I will be praying for your DH as he goes through this
    trying time. I sure hope it heals fast and he won't be in pain anymore.
    I will also be praying for you with all you will have to do and for the children, so they can get through it without too much trouble. They will copy how you and your DH handle it all.
    My thoughts will be with you all...
    Love, Candy

  8. What difficult decisions. I praying for a very positive outcome. You and the kids and Bill are in my prayers.

  9. Thanks so much for the update Barb, I will certainly continue Praying for you and the children and for Bill coming to terms with the surgery and a quick recovery and an end to his constant pain. Take care, love to all
    hugs Julie P

  10. Sounds like the right decision has been made and I think the children will respond more positive than negative. It's a great life lesson that just because boo-boo's happen, doesn't mean life is over.

  11. Barb, Thanks for the update. How hard for the both of you. Many changes in lifestyle coming but all of us will keep praying for you both. You are such great alternate parents for the kids, you are so considerate of their feelings. Keep strong and creative, prayers are with you. Kelly

  12. Oh Barb...what a year+ this has been for you and your hubby! I'll keep you all in my prayers, sweet lady! Hugs. Pat

  13. Barb,

    I will you and your family in my prayers.


  14. Oh Barb, I don't really know what to say. But please know that you, your dear hubby, the kids and your struggles are in my thoughts and praying for the best possible outcome for you all.
    Big hugs,

  15. Trust in God that can do everything the doctor par excellence
    and I really like your creation but many pretty colors

  16. Hoping your hubby has a positive outcome with the surgery Barb! Best wishes to you all!

  17. OH Barb - I just read this post. I am sure this has got to be very emotional for you and Bill. So much has happened in the last year. After this NO MORE SURGERIES! My heart goes with you and Bill.


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