Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I have received a blogging award, but not the usual kind. I don't participate in the blogging awards that have you answering 10 questions about yourself and then passing it on to a dozen people. I've done that, it's very time consuming and not everyone wants to participate.

But recently I was given this wonderful award by Norma Lee who lives in Vancouver Canada - my old stomping grounds! We've never met before, but we've visited plenty on the yahoo group. She is one amazingly talented gal. Here is a picture of the card she sent me. Since learning of this award I've been busy making my KAOS cards for three recipients. Now I just need to figure out who to sent them to!!!

Here is a description of what the award is about, obviously originating in Sweeden!

KAOS(Kreativa Artister med Otrolig Skaparglädje)

A living sign which is sent to someone you appreciate. But instead of having it digitally, you create real cards and send them on. Anyone who may in turn pass on self-made KAOS awards to others they appreciate. Award is said KAOS regardless of who made ​​them. To these be your own style and specialties to be included:

Each KAOS-award includes:
Title: KAOS
Creator's own name
Size: 10x15cm

Then you of course, photograph/scan Awards and blog about it too. In this way, awards a digital memory, but also something you can physically store and look at. The blogger appoints also the next THREE KAOS winners. Maybe write a little explanation of why these latest awards, or just leave the link to them.


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  1. Well, it is certainly a well deserved reward and how darn cute is it????!!!!! Congratulations and enjoy!!!


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