Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist....

Catching the right moments with the kids is often very hard to do. I'm usually busy with laundry, preparing meals, crafting, or they are just too active to capture the moment. After posting my Potty training card (scroll down) I managed to grab my camera while Brielle was running to her potty chair. Of course both girls are in that independent time of life. They have to do EVERYTHING by themselves. That includes pulling down and pulling up their pants and using the toilet paper and flushing. Turning on a light is impossible for anyone but Josslyn these days. She gets her little chair and runs from room to room turning on and off lights. I'm tellin' ya! These two are a handful!!!

So here is the moment I was able to capture with Brielle while I was getting dinner organized...

I need some toilet paper Grammie...

All done..."I do it, I do it!"


  1. These precious momments pass far to quickly! You brought a smile to my face remembering these times.

  2. So cute, my daughter would say 'mine self do it' Independence comes at a very young age these days
    Hugs Julie P


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