Saturday, July 23, 2011

Here is Bill's leg...

Last night my hubby took some photos of his leg to send to his family. Every one is in agreement that he needs his foot amputated and the sooner the better. He still needs some time to deal with his emotions, and that's good!

He took these photos himself and they don't really show just how misshaped the ankle really is. His leg is moving to the left and each time he takes a step you can see the bone shift to the left.
If you squeamish, please stop now and don't look. The rash is quite evident around his previous incision area and it weeps serous fluid. I'm so afraid that infection will set in again and then it will be emergency surgery. It's so hard to bite my tongue while he struggles with coming to acceptance. This is his decision and his alone...

This is a photo of the incision area over the interior aspect of his leg and ankle. You can see how swollen the ankle and foot are...

This is looking straight down at the foot. Can you see how the leg veers to the left just above the ankle. That part of his Fibula is dying and won't heal.

Lastly, this photo shoes him standing on his foot with just barely any pressure. You can really see the swelling in the right part of his ankle, but also just how far to the left his leg bones have moved. There is little attachment at that juncture.

So many of you are praying for us during this difficult time and I'm so very thankful for you all. Even though I don't have the time to answer each of you in return, please know that our gratitude is huge and we can feel the power of your prayers. Thank you so much...



  1. Praying that Bill comes to a decision soon. Looks very painful. Praying for you also as you support him.

  2. Barb that looks so painful! You and your hubbby are in my thoughts and prayers! I know I'm not close but I'll do anything I can.

  3. Oh Barb, this does look painful. Praying that you and Bill will be able to cope with whatever is ahead for you and that Bill is able to come to a decision soon.
    Hugs Julie P

  4. Wow this does look really painful!!!! So sorry to hear that your hubby has to make this decision!!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!!!

  5. Oh Barb!!
    This looks so bad!
    I pray Bill comes to a decision very soon.
    He may loose more of his leg if infection moves up his leg or gets into his system again.
    Once again please know my prayers are with you both.
    Hugs, Candy

  6. ow wow that looks nasty I can immagine that he needs time to think before his foot gets amputated but the choise needs to be made or else it gets worce and than they need to amputate more and more , you are with me in my prayers my dear

  7. What a hard choice to make but I think it's better to live a long life with only one foot than it is to be in so much pain with two. They do such amazing things now with prosthesis & how nice it would be for Bill to be able to walk beside you again ... My prayers are with your family...
    Big hugs, Janie

  8. Okay now I'm going to pray that sepsis and osteo DO not set in while he decides.....Jeez, that is really bad. So sorry that is it such a difficult decision for him. It would be for me too. Still praying.

  9. Your husband is a strong man! What a difficult situation he is in. There is a company in my city that makes prosthetics and they are remarkable all that they can do and make them very comfortable. It is hard to think about him loosing a part of his leg so I am continueing my prayers for all of you and may peace and healing be with you.

  10. Oh Barb... I've just gotten back on track and am so sorry to hear about this.... my thoughts and prayers are with you both...what a terrible decision to have to face, for Bill and you. Be strong in your faith that things will work out... I'm just so sorry..

  11. I'm sorry to hear about your hubby's leg =(

  12. sorry to hear bout your husbands leg it looks so painful will keep u and him in my thoughts and hope everything works out ok for u and him
    hugs mandy xxx

  13. Oh Barb...I'm sending love and prayers to you and your family! ((((hugs)))

  14. Hi Barb!
    This has to be the most painful decision to make. I know when I had to have a double mastectomy how hard it was to lose a part of my body. I pray for added strength for him to have this done soon before it gets worse. I pray too that he doesn't suffer for much longer.
    His foot and leg look so dreadfully bad. My heart goes out to him and you too Barb.
    Keep looking to Jesus.
    Hugs Maz


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