Saturday, May 7, 2011

These are Kodak moments....

Do you remember the commercial for Kodak? There was a little jingle and the words "The best moment of the day"...something like that anyway. Since I've not been very good about taking pictures of the kids lately I thought I would just take a few snaps of the best moment of MY day! Tee Hee!!

Here's Josslyn...

You'll notice that she's sleeping in a different bed than Brielle. Yes! I have to separate them at night so they don't keep each other up for hours. We've tried the countless trips into the bedroom to tell them to be quiet and go to sleep, but separating works in just minutes and then I carry which every one back to her own bed.

Here's Brielle...

Here's my Darlin' Boy! He never needs to be told to go to sleep...he just falls into bed and boom - he's out!

Just sending a little love to mommy and daddy. Jordan has made a gift for his mommy at school, but she won't receive it in time for Mother's Day. It came home yesterday. He printed out the message in his own printing - he's so awesome. We will send it on a little later.

Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mothers, who sacrifice time, energy and bodies to splendidly raise up the next generation. Happy Mother's Day to Lisa, mom of the three children. We love you mommy!!!!! X0X0X0X0X0


  1. Thanks Barb. Happy Mother's Day!! I hope you have an awesome day! Maybe you will get a surprise at the door!! Love you

  2. Dear Barb!!!! Happy Mother's Day to you as well, and a very special one I hope! Your babies are just beautiful sleeping or awake!! They look so sweet and peaceful!!! Their Mommy and Daddy will just melt!!
    Enjoy your day!!!
    Hope your husband is mending well!

  3. Oh Barb they are just precious ! you have just warmed my heart with these pictures


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