Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day from the Cherub Choir...

Happy Mother's Day to everyone. A special Mother's Day wish to the mommy of the three children. This is just for you....

Today at church our cherub choir, which is Pre-K and Kindergarten students sang their hearts out for the congregation. It was such a delight! Jordan, dressed in the white shirt and plaid pants did a super job of singing the songs he had learned along with the actions. The video below will show what a great job they all did...

Lisa, did you get your box of Mother's Day gifts yet? Please let us know if you did. Jordan made some things for you that we will have to send later...they only came home Friday.



  1. He is so funny. That was cute. I got your box a couple of days ago. Thanks so much. Those are good pictures of the kids and nice picture frames. I keep them on my desk so everyone can see and I can look at them all day. Love you guys.

  2. Oh Barb!!! That is the sweetest!! I love the look on his face while he's doing the hand movements, he did GREAT!!!!! Very cute!!!
    Oh and your card is just as precious as can be!! Sort of took a back seat there for a minute!!!


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