Friday, March 18, 2011

How does your garden grow...

My garden is half dead from some heavy frost and in much need of new soil and mulch. So this morning while it was still cool, Bill and I took the girls out front of our house to work a little green thumb magic! Not much magic happening here, but two adorable Leprechauns helped out a great deal...wait...we spent more time running after them and getting them to stay in the yard, but it was fun!

These are for their mommy, who misses them so much and longs for the day she can hold them in her arms again. In the meantime skype is a pretty close second.

Here are the picutres...

Normally I can tell them apart very quickly, I think this one is Josslyn and my only clue is that I used a white rubber band in her hair this morning.

Here is Brielle nursing her boo-boo's, which are pretty non existent...but she's 2 1/2 and I guess any tiny speck works...

These last two are also Brielle...

I had to take a nap when all that work was done, I'm soooooo out of shape.

Thanks for stopping by to visit and see what the kids are up to...hugs...Barb


  1. Hello Barb, I had a good laugh just imagining what those little girls can do to a garden!!!!!!! Icould also imagine grand-ma having a nap! I would have too.
    Thanks for sharing these pics, too cute.
    Hugs. D.

  2. Barb, the girls are so sweet helping out. I know what you mean,toddlers are alot of energy. Their mom is so blessed with you guys and then skyping is really neat for everyone. My son does that with his little one.

  3. OMGoodness Barb!!!! such adorable
    pitcures...enjoy yourself...I
    know that your are..such sweet
    hugs Linda

  4. Barb, those two are so precious, aren't they!? Your pics are so sweet!!!

  5. Absolutely precious and I love that you're sharing your time with them with all of us! Thanks for letting us have a little glimpse of the joys in your life!
    love and hugs

  6. Oh Barb, they are so very adorable. I know you are not used to doing this but God bless you for what you are doing.. At least those children have you to help them through the roughest time of their lives and looks like you are doing a great job.. they do look happy...

  7. Cute! Barb the twins are adorable -- I can hear it in your voice how happy you are -- wonderful pictures!!

  8. Hahahahah!! I have the same thing with Kaitlyn and boo-boos!! She ALWAYS has "bloodles" on her "boo'boo" and needs "medicine and a baindaid"! I need stock in Johnson & Johnson!! They really are darling little girls!!!


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