Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Energetic kids...tired grandparents!

Just had to get my camera out today - hoooray - I didn't have a senior moment!!! The day was warm but cloudy, so after dinner, while my fantastic hubby cleaned up my marathon cooking session (nothing which the kids would attempt to eat) I took them outside to wear them out a little. THEY wore ME out!

Here are a few pictures of our evening...

Josslyn and Brielle (in the back)...

Every body jump...

Jordan on his bike. Looks like he's ready for a bigger one...hmmm! Birthday coming up soon - that should be a great gift...

I'm working on some more crafting projects in my little snippets of time available. I'll be back soon to share those with you.



  1. Oh Barb, They are adorable, they have grown so much. Wow what an amazing play area. Thanks for sharing. hugs Jodie from Oz xx

  2. Great picture of the kids Barb - they are so cute and I love your story about cooking but it did not please the palate of the little ones. Sounds like my grand kids!
    xo --Sandy

  3. Awww, Barb, the kids are gorgeous! I love hearing what they are upto. I can imagine you must be tired, but fun too :o)
    Hugs Tab xxx

  4. OMGoodness such sweet pitcures
    of the children...TFS.
    HUGS Linda

  5. Hi Barb! Love seeing the pictures of the kiddos!! That first one is so cute.... like... what are you doing there?? LOL!!! They are adorable and they DO wear you out, but we wouldn't have it any other way, would we????

  6. Yes, I do think a new bike is a good idea for Jordan, but are you really ready??? Wow what a big job to take on?? that little bike looks so safe!!! He and the girls are just so precious... but I am so sure they wear you out... Bless you dear.
    Hugs, Jean

  7. Thanks for sharing your photos of the kids Barb! Always such fun to see what they've been up to...and how much they've grown!


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