Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Here they are...

Boy, has life changed for us! I'm up early and corralling two little munchkins from dawn to dark! They are so sweet and not at all showing the defiance of a normal 2 year old. They have each other to play with which makes a hugs difference. Their mum is still here also. Jordan and his dad lust left NY last night and as of this morning were in Pennsylvania. So we're expecting them tomorrow! We've been so busy doing and going, today we are headed to Ft. Hood to get the twins' ID's updated.
I have a few pictures to share with you of the girls playing on our new swing set.


Here they are on the see-saw , this is Josslyn...

This is Brielle...

Brielle coming down the slide...

More pictures on the see-saw. It's so hard to get them to look at the same time...

That's it for now, but be sure there will be more pictures on their way!



  1. OOOHHH MY!! i am so broody at the moment BFF, you are killing me with these pics, they look positively delightful and i am sure you must be loving having all the extra work, he he. I miss you

  2. Oh how precious!!! They're so beautiful, Barb!!! thanks for sharing pics with us!! they're adorable!
    big hugs!!

  3. (((smiling big)) They are so big already OMG!!! Well friend sigh... let the sleepless nights start lol!

    I'm sure there past that though lol!

    The swings must be a big help i bet though.I wish i had swings for my kids while i'm coloring.Ohhh how lovely would that be lol! tfs LOOKING FOWARD TO MORE *^* Ruby♥

  4. There is a saying in FRench that goes this way: Un c'est bien, deux c'est mieux! Well Brielle and JOsslyn make quite a pair!
    Hugs. Danielle

  5. just precious! I just know your heart is full to overflowing!
    Pam Going Postal

  6. Ohhh - Barb! Thank you so much for sharing. The girls are beautiful! Look at those beautiful smiles!!

  7. Hi Barb!
    I bet you're having the time of your life with those little cuties. Thanks so much for sharing the photos with us.

  8. They are so adorable Barb I bet you have a wonderful time with them
    Thanks for sharing the pictures with us.
    Hugs Harma

  9. Ahhhh!!! You have GOT to just love those faces!!! Too, too cute Barb! Remember...sleep when the babies sleep! ;)

  10. My how they have grown. Have fun!

  11. Oh, how sweet! They seem to be having tons of fun in that new backyard. Wishing you lots of strength for all the fun you will be having. :)

  12. Oh my goodness, how precious!!! They are a delightful pair! Thanks for sharing the pictures with the rest of us.

  13. Wow Barb- what fun pictures- you must be having a ball! Thanks for sharing!

  14. Hi Barb, Wow, I can't believe how much they've grown! It seems like just yesterday when they first came to you & now 2 years old!! They are so very beautiful!! You're heart is going to be full, full, full! I wish I lived closer to help you chase these little ones around! Enjoy & get lots of hugs! Thanks for sharing the pics.

  15. Oh my goodness Barb, those girls have grown so much! I bet they've livened things up at your home now! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!

  16. Barb, Thanks so much for including us in this fun time of your life!! The girls are just as precious as can be and am looking forward to seeing tons more pictures!! Time to start introducing them to stamping and coloring!!! Well, maybe just the coloring part right now!!! heehee!! Have fun!!!

  17. Oh my!! how they have grown. They are so gorgeous. Thanks for photo's.
    Hugs Maz


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