Thursday, February 3, 2011

CHA - it was fabulous!

Hi everyone! Well I'm still riding high from my trip to Los Angeles and the CHA! It was all too first time meeting Roy and Diana Crick, Angie Hunt, Suzanne Dean, Mindy Baxter, and the ScorPal team! It was the launch of the Magnolia Mini Word images and it was very successful. We all worked hard, visited much, ate until we were bursting and had lots of laughs. I can't wait to go again next winter!!

I have to say that the design team are the most awesome ladies ever! Diana is so generous and to work side by side with some of the gals was an honor!

I think one of my most favorite memories will be eating at Wolfgang Pucks! Two nights in a row! Fabulous food, but even better company!

Even though my return trip was fraught with many snags it was still a trip I won't easily forget. First, my hubby got into a fender bender on his way to DFW on Friday morning! He is okay but the fender of our van is crushed! Also, due to Dallas Ft. Worth airport being closed on Tuesday February 1, I had to stay an extra night at the hotel. I had a very early morning on Wednesday (try 4:30 AM) to get to the airport on time for my flight and then found my connecting flight to Waco was canceled due to that terrible winter storm that hit half the country. My hubby had had to fly to the opposite coast because his mom had passed away, and his flight back to Texas was also canceled on Tuesday. We finally made it home at midnight last night.

Here are a few pictures I took of my time at CHA...

Here is the booth for Magnolia Mini World and ScorPal.

Myself, Diana and Angie

Suzanne Dean and Angie Hunt coloring

John and Barbro from Magnolia Sweden

Myself, Mindy and Lisa Andrews at our farewell dinner

Just me

Julie Glascow and Lisa Andrews

Our big night out, from L to R - Mindy, Suzanne, Me, Diana, Angie

I have a ton more photos but they are mostly of the exhibits. I'm telling you, it was overwhelming, but my most favorite booth was the Melissa Frances and after that Spellbinders. Graphic 45 was also awesome.

I'll be back soon with a card for the February Sketch Challenge at Magnolia-licious!

Hugs to all,


  1. It was such a pleasure to meet you at CHA!


  2. Hi Barb! Awesome pics! Thanks so much for sharing them with us! And can't wait to meet you there next year! Thank you for letting us live vicariously through your pics! :)
    big hugs!

  3. Your pictures are wonderful - glad you had a good time.

  4. I could just cry! looks like you met some awesome people and had such a great time, maybe in my next life i can also come to CHA. I have missed you so much, i cant wait for us to both be on a decent time to chat and catch up.
    lots of luv , hugs and smiles


    OH Barb, first let me just say so sorry to hear about the loss in the family.Sending tight cyber hugs sigh....I HOPE THE HUBBY IS HOLDING UP.OH also glad he's ok from the fender bender,OUCH!

    It sounds like it was an obstacle getting over there and back.I'm glad you got to experience the whole Eureka!

    I am the biggest baby i would of been crying like a baby lol!!!You look you had the time of your life hun!!!
    OH TRY TO COME TO Chicago pretty please!!! OH but you'll have the kids right??

    It would of been so freakin cool to hang out with you after all.YOU ARE MY CYBER MAMA LOL!! You and sharon are my mentors lol!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures i really enjoyed them.I can't wait for Cha chicago EEEK!
    LOVE YA!Ruby♥

  6. Fabulous pics from CHA! Glad to hear you had such a fun time, Barb! big hugs, Angela

  7. Fabulous pictures Barb.. I am so happy that you got to go to CHA and hope it won't be just a one time deal.. Your pictures are awesome and ones to be proud of for ever... glad hubby is doing so good and hope he continues....
    Hugs, Jean

  8. Thanks for the great sharing of your CHA experience. I can almost imagine the fun being there. I've never been to one, but would love to. Wish I will meet you there someday :o)

  9. OOOHHH I wish I was there, what a beautiful booth they had. I am so glad you had fun with the girls and to be able to go, how great God is.

  10. I loved looking at the pictures, thanks for sharing! To me, in Montreal, it looks so far away, like a fairy tale... I can't just imagine somethin like that...
    Hugs. D.

  11. Ohhh, sooo glad you had a wonderful time!!!! The pictures are the next best thing to having been there, I guess... I did zoom in on the booth... looks like some beyond gorgeousness going on there!!! Lucky, lucky you and you do deserve it!!!!

  12. Ohhh, sooo glad you had a wonderful time!!!! The pictures are the next best thing to having been there, I guess... I did zoom in on the booth... looks like some beyond gorgeousness going on there!!! Lucky, lucky you and you do deserve it!!!!

  13. Wow...looks & sounds like you had the most amazing time at CHA!! Great photos!! Sorry you had such a rough time getting home! And now you'll be scrambling to get ready for the kids...that's next week already! Congrats! Pat Frank

  14. Barb, thanks for sharing the pictures. I love looking as them, even though they make me green...LOL.


    PS. Make sure you post pictures of those children when they come on Monday. I'm curious to see what they look like now. They change so quickly when they're at that age.


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