Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our girls...

Today we did some more Mall shopping. We're nearly done, whew! We stopped and let the kids play on the playground in the mall and the girls love it so much. They had a blast. Though the mom is now back in the USA - NY to be exact, dad is still in Afghanistan until early January. So looks like the kids will be leaving us in February. It's been an incredible journey that we're so thankful for! We've gained a whole new family, with grown-up kids and grandkids. Love 'em all to pieces. Here are a couple of pictures Bill took while I was in line at a shop...

Brielle is in the foreground of both of these shots. Believe it or not, they have crawled the leather completely off the toes of their shoes...

Where was Jordan, you ask? Not standing still long enough to get a good photo of! He's a turkey!

Still working on a card I hope to finish sometime soon. I've been working on it for days, but not getting very far. I'll post when I get the inside finished.


  1. Barb, The Twins are more & more adorable each time I see them. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy & safe New Year. Hugs Jodie from Oz

  2. Oh my how they've grown! What a blessing you and Bill have been, however I realize you feel that you've been the ones blessed!

  3. They are beautiful. You are so much stronger then I. I don't think I could let them go. I admire you so much for taking in so many kids and giving them each a piece of your heart. Merry Christmas!

  4. Oh they are so flippin' adorable! Glad to hear that Mom is home safe and sound and that Dad will be home soon. I hope that you take a vacation this spring!!!!! :)
    Have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS, my friend!


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