Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cute Kids....

I managed to catch a few pictures of the kids today. Bill, better known as "Billy Crocker", make a cheese cake and brownies from scratch today. These are his award winning brownies. Not to be left out, Jordan was up at the counter with a chair as soon as possible. Bill is so patient with him, and let him play with the bowls and mixing tools for about 30 mintues. There was water everywhere...

He so enjoys playing with all the equipment and pretending that he's baking just like Grampie. He had nabbed the medicine syringe from the window sill and was injecting himself with water. Too funny!

Here is Brielle, playing with a block and enjoying her time.

Here is Josslyn...

I put different colored bows in their hair today so the nursery workers at church could easily tell them apart. They are getting themselves to a standing position now, but still not attempting to walk. Teething has slowed down also. Josslyn has 6 teeth and Brielle just 4. But we can see some just behind the gums, so I expect more to arrive any day now.


  1. Barb, these babies are just the sweetie, most previous angels. They are truly blessed to have you and Bill.

  2. Barb, Jordan looks like he had almost as much fun as with the "Robot Boots" and the Twins are so cute and their little outfits are adorable. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Hugs Jodie from Oz

  3. awwww, these are way cute photo's love them. thanks for sharing hun. hugs rachxx

  4. oooooh I am in love hahahahah what ah gorgeous kids and those eyes , God must have had a good day when they were made ;0)


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