Saturday, October 10, 2009

Avast Me Hearties....

The children's mom sent mail order costumes for the children for the Halloween season. As we don't go door to door trick or treating, we always head off the our local church for a Harvest night celebration with lots of games and candy. Just 5 minutes ago we were in the living room taking pictures of all three of them in their costumes.

Here they are and aren't they just too cute...

Jordan is such a rough and ready Pirate, and goes around the house saying "Arghhhh"

Here are Josslyn and Brielle so sweet as prinsesses fair. The head pieces are too small for their heads, so we just lay them on top. They each have a long piece of tulle hanging from the point of the hats...

This sweet picture of the three of them together without fighting is a rarity. Jordan is usually bugging them like crazy. For this pose he behaved himself...


  1. gorgeous pictures.. they are all so sweet in their costumes..xx

  2. Your grandchildren are the cutest kids!!!

  3. They are precious!


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