Sunday, September 6, 2009

Simple pleasures of life....

I was trying so hard to get my kitchen floor cleaned up the other day, but the girls keep following the mop everywhere. It's getting harder and harder to get anything done any more...but I'm not complaining. These pictures were taken on Friday, September 4. I had just finished folding a pile of laundry and decided to put them in the empty basket just so that I could get the floor done.

Here they are...and all those pricey toys sitting in the living room seeing no action at all - sigh!

They were having so much fun...


  1. Barb such precious moments. I can't image their parents being so far away. I know they are so thankful you post everything. They are blessed to have their children in care of a such loving special lady.

  2. Hihi - great picture! Loveley little Kids!
    many greetings

  3. Your girls are just soo adorable, its nice to see that expensive toys are put to the side for a washing basket or a plain ole cardboard box, whatever side of the pond you live on !!!


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