Tuesday, September 15, 2009

But Grammy, we're having so much fun...

Some days I manage to get lots done, and other days I get nothing done. Today was a good day. I got my kitchen floor mopped - no easy task with two crawlers chasing after the mop!!

I had just finished mopping my floor when the girls began clamoring for a snack. So I put some Cheerios on the floor (remember I had just done a thorough cleaning on it) and the first thing they did was to scatter them thither and yon! What had been a neat little pile between two happy babies became a demolition area! And were they having fun? Oh yeah! I had just left the room long enough to, ahem, go potty, and I could hear them squealing with glee. So who needs expensive toys, just give them a box of Cheerios and let them have at it...the dog enjoyed a tasty tidbit also!


  1. Barb, The Twins are adorable, and I could not stop laughing reading your mopping story. I can see they would keep you very busy. You are super woman to fit so much into your days.
    Hugs Oz_Jodie

  2. HA! I had those days. Like when Zander was calmly eating his lunch in his high chair so I went to go do what you did.. When I came back he was nicely dropping his food on the floor to see the dog snatch it up! Fun indeed.

  3. Oh My!! these two are just Adorable!!..Brings back memories of my own...Thanks so much for sharing!!..Hugs, Ila

  4. Oh the simple joys, young momma's tend to forget sometimes. You are so special my friend.

  5. LOL!!! First, they are such cutie patooties!!! How do you ever get anything done? I'd want to just kiss those adorable faces all day! LOL! Thanks for sharing, Barb!


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