Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tots, Toys, Toilet & Paper = FUN!

What could possibly be more fun than a bathroom? You've got toys, water and paper that pulls off a roll and goes everywhere - including your mouth!

I thought the girls were being too quiet the other day. I was cleaning up in the kitchen, a routine job. Then I realized that I couldn't hear the girls pat, pat, patting down the hall. I could no longer hear them chattering to each other or playing with toys. But I could hear the silence! The silence that comes from concentrating on a new task. We keep the tub toys in a box right beside the tub and of course the girls had discovered that a few days prior to this incident. So I thought I had better check out what was going on.


This is Brielle, but she was not alone in this venture. Josslyn was wedged behind the door trying to close it. 14 months old and already they know about keeping things behind closed doors. LOL

So while I was laughing and chasing the girls out of the bathroom and and cleaning up the paper trail I found this...

They weren't too happy about my removing all that fun paper from them, or taking the toys away and washing them (ewwwwww). So we're learning. Learning to keep the toilet paper on the back of the toilet, learning to keep the lid down on the toilet (now I have to train the men in my house to do the same. And please guys - FLUSH!!!) and putting the trash can out of reach.

Small wonder I don't get much card making done anymore...


  1. One lesson I learned is to close the bathroom door! My little one always seems to find a way in there so I just keep the door closed and he can't open it (yet) so he stays clear of it.

  2. Oh my word...good title...what a joy to have such precious children around you..Yes close the darn toilet lid and the sewer cap..
    connie paxman

  3. HA! At least you could take a picture of your toilet and not be embarrassed. I have well water with lots of iron in it and my toilets aren't that pretty!

  4. Oh my - this is not good if they learn to flush - been there done that - Had to have the whole toilet pulled lol

  5. Oh Barbie, they are so precious!
    Hugs for you my friend,


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