Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tilda's Mouth...

For those of you who might think I'm pressing too hard when I stamp, or that I'm not stamping a clean image, here is a picture of my Tilda image. The mouth is clearly visible as a dot, like the other dots pressed into the rubber. I'm not kidding. I will be taking the knife to Tilda tonight and performing necessary surgery so that she is just like all her sisters! Only eyes and cheek dots!!!


  1. heeheehee! Poor Tilda with a mouth! I hope that surgery goes well and she has a quick recovery post op!

  2. Does she really have to have surgery? :)

  3. I want to know also why she has to have surgery? I would consider myself lucky to have the one and only Tilda with a mouth. It looks cute from what I can see on your stamp......
    If she has to go under the knife - I hope she recovers real soon!!
    Big hugs, Candy :o)

  4. Hi Barb, I had wondered about this too as my Tilda with Lilacs has the same dot. I didn't realize people were cutting them out. Maybe I'll have to cut mine out too!
    Thanks for bringing up this important issue! Cheryl

  5. That TIlda was a special girl..with a mouth..and now it is gone...I wonder if she needs a hug to get over that surgery!

  6. I think someone got carried away with the freckles!LOL! All I want to know is her surgeon reliable? LOL! I need to go check my Tilda like that. I never noticed!
    Pam L.


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